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Forum: Soft Wash Cleaning Flat Concrete, Decks & Pavers
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No New Posts Possible calcium mixed with rust?
Hi everyone, I had a realtor contact me today and send me this picture. It has been caused by the drain pan from the attic air handler. My question to everyone is, does it appear that calcium stains are mixed in with the rust stains as well? If this is the case, would it be best to treat for rust first with F9 B...
Mark Fermoyle 9 2833
No New Posts Assuming this is oxidation from the aluminum siding?
Would this white stain under the siding clean up with pressure, or an oxidation remover such as Oxiwash or Gutter Grenade?  Sorry the photo isn't better....this started as a roof only job until I opened my mouth after the fact.  :0)
Troy Layman 7 2921
No New Posts Amazing Mystery Product (Preview)
I wanted to share something that I have been curious about. I have a customer who has a 5million dollar property that he does not live in, it's for parties and his jaw dropping car collection. Well over a decade ago he had a stranger from Japan perform a sample on his concrete driveway. My customer was ins...
Darryl Freeman 2 2084
No New Posts Efflorescence stains?
Good evening all, I just wanted to confirm that this is an efflorescence stain and F9 Efflo would be the right choice for cleaning these whitish stains on brick.  Guessing I'd use a lower strength mix (efflo) along with the typical instructions of PW, apply, keep wet etc. The customer has had previou...
Troy Layman 3 1943
No New Posts Pop quiz...
Can anyone tell me what is causing this unique stain patter on the concrete?
Ray Burke 6 2619
No New Posts Few questions about one of our biggest commercial jobs so far. (Concrete building, pics included.)
Building is all concrete, and about 3 stories tall.  My partner has cleaned buildings like this before, but i haven't.  Right now we do everything with an x-jet, and have a 4gpm 4200 psi washer (Honda gx390). Any tips or recommendations on cleaning a building like this?    I haven't had time to do a ton o...
Jason Watkins 2 2298
No New Posts Can anything be done with this patio concrete?
Hi all, I have a HO who brought me over to look at his back patio concrete because it is blotchy and discolored and he wanted to know if there is anything to be done. From talking with him I don't think it's a calcium buildup problem like from water run off or sprinkler overspray. The best I can figure is that...
Josh Agadoni 7 2814
No New Posts Softwashing pine sap off of driveway concrete + wood fence
Hey all, wondering if anyone can help me with this: a client's driveway and fence are speckled with sap from a large Torrey Pine in the neighbor's yard. The tree is currently being removed (very sad, but necessary), and now the homeowner would like to get the driveway and fence cleared of all the sap. As...
Josh Agadoni 2 2416
No New Posts Raw Wooden Decks
Aloha, I recently Soft Washed a home that had a raw Teak deck with exposed eaves. Because the drip line was over the deck, I was obligated to clean the deck even though they only wanted the house cleaned. I quickly neutralized the deck with Final Wash at the highest setting the hose end sprayer offered. I...
Darryl Freeman 10 3487
No New Posts remove
Clean the driveway today which had a sealer on it and the customer wants the sealer removed what can I use to remove the concrete sealer I have some high alkaline cleaner and what'a a good mix ratio
Samuel Alan 7 3187
No New Posts Concrete paint removal
aloha guys I was doing a concrete paint removal on 300 sqft patio. I used jasco paint removal it helped a little but I was there forever and only got half way. I used a surface cleaner and a zero degree also a  turbo and I was there all day. The undercoating is just so hard to get rid of. Need your guys help
Chris Mozick 9 4334
No New Posts Oil and grease stains on concrete driveways
What product and method are y'all using on the typical residential oil and grease stains? ( homeowner concrete driveways)
Steve Mazzuca 6 4736
No New Posts What is the best way to clean this Aggregate/Pebble Stone and concrete driveway?
This is a long Aggregate Driveway, and at bottom is the garage is concrete. Very large brick house and drive.  I'm cleaning everything. On a earlier post I was suggested to use SoftWash on the pavers. I'm just not sure about if the pebble stone driveway comes as clean too or should I powerwash it?  Any su...
Chris Weber 2 2655
No New Posts Will Soft Washing alone clean these pavers?
This lady said it gets too expensive when her guys come out and power wash the sand out and then refill it with sand and seal it. She's tried several different things over the years even bleach but cant ever get them clean. She has a big pool area behind her house that's all pavers. The sand between the pave...
Chris Weber 4 2614
No New Posts Why does this concrete keep turning white after its stained?
The owner says they've tried everything and it might look good for a little while but their Paver Stones around their pool always ends up turning white. As you can see in the picture it had just rained so the parts that still have a little water left on them look ok but the dry areas have a white haze on them....
Chris Weber 8 5564
No New Posts Slate pavers at Country Club
Need y'alls expertise and recommendations on how best to clean this slate paver patio. It's mostly foot traffic grime but outer edges gets some golf cart tire marks too. The slate is set in concrete so no grout issues. Also- what is a fair price per sq ft to do this? Thanks gang!  
Steve Mazzuca 18 8649
No New Posts Stamped concrete and slate pavers to clean- Surface cleaner but hot or cold?
Sorry guys,  I had to start a new post. Project grew once I got there : ) . I convinced them to add about 8000 sq ft of stamped concrete driveways and walkways to the slate pavers clean, plus an additional 2500 sq ft of terracotta stamped concrete at an outdoor patio/cafe. Job total now approx 12,000 sq ft....
Steve Mazzuca 6 5068
No New Posts Terra wash
So fellas, I recently order a gallon of Terra, green, and bleach was to get me started. I have the option of doing some sonic resturaunts concrete work. I currently have a 7gpm Fatboy. Will the Terra wash work for something like this? And does any one have some good pictures of the product being used? I h...
Richard Griffith 0 1914
No New Posts My First Job
Hey guys, My equipment and chemicals are on their way and I already have a few jobs lined up. The first one I have scheduled is a friend of mine and she wants her entire driveway/ walkway cleaned. I have attached pictures of the surface. How would you tackle this? She has had bad experiences with pressure...
Paul Low Chew Tung 5 2257
No New Posts Softwashing Asphalt
Hello all,   I have been recently offering to lay down a mixture of softwashing chemical on pavers to help prevent the regrowth of moss and plants in the cracks and have had great success.   My question is will the same get up work for killing and removing organic matter from an asphalt driveway without c...
Spencer Zeman 8 2795
No New Posts Removing tire dressing from coated black asphalt
Ok I have come across a problem that has me stumped , was wondering if anyone has encountered this problem.? I have tried BT 200, EBC even go out the "no no blaster" but not having enough results.   The build up seems waxy and I hesitate to use anything that will dilute the coating.  My original...
Matt Lancaster 7 5306
No New Posts BT200 on asphalt?
I was just reading a thread about softwashing grease and oil stains from concrete, and saw BT200 is excellent for a lot of spills and pavers. Question: Is BT200 a good solution for cleaning asphalt driveways? How does it compare to EBC? http://www.eatoils.com/product.php?id=62 Just curious, tha...
Vic Irish 2 2218
No New Posts Concrete Heavy Paint Removal?
Anyone ever removed heavy amounts of paint from concrete? Approximately 1,000 sq. ft. in a warehouse. I'm initially thinking a chemical paint stripper, following by scraping/vacuuming, followed by surface cleaning. Don't know however if grinding will be needed... Approximate pricing would b...
Brandon Vaughn 5 2619
Edward Yackenovich 11 3544
No New Posts What am I looking at here??
Have a prospect with rust and what I am thinking is efflorescence all over his brick. It seems to be trickling down from the limestone so I'm not so sure it is efflorescence at all.....just don't know. Has anyone seen this or worked on this before? When you look at the pics it appears the brick was sealed,...
Jeff Thompson 1 1675
No New Posts 114 Decks - All-Clean! (with CH)
My guys are CH ninjas - very proud of them on this project. As many of you know, CH can be tricky to deal with, potentially leaving white residue behind if not used properly. Black metal railings and dark siding can be difficult to work around as CH residue is highly visible on these surfaces. Here is a pro...
Brandon Vaughn 14 6124
No New Posts Sidewalk Cleaning
This brick sidewalk was installed spring of 2013, now it is pure white, any suggestions.  The new sidewalk goes for a mile, both sides of the street so 2 miles of cleaning needed.
Dan Dykstra 7 2520
No New Posts brick paver pricing
Hello all.....im putting in a bid on just over 25,000 sq ft of brick pavers tomm morning and was wondering what the price scale is for everyone else.  I have not seen the pavers yet so i do not know the condition of them but i do know that they were installed last year and the property is heavily covered in tr...
Chris Wegner 6 2449
No New Posts The scourge of the NW - Moss on blacktop
I've always passed on these jobs. Using a surface cleaner can scar the black top and it grows back faster. Looking for a good method with softwashing. Softwash and rinse with a booster pump? Make a return trip a month later? Anyone clean this surface with success?
Brandon Vaughn 3 2075
No New Posts Cleaning dirty bric pavers outside supermarket
Hi All Seasons Greetings I suppose for you guys its getting a bit cold and wintry..... For us its the busy time of the year. I have just been contracted by another company to clean the  brick paving around a supermarket shopping centre. I have said I will do 10 foot square area, and if they like the results...
Garon Buczynski 7 2481
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