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Forum: Soft Wash Cleaning Flat Concrete, Decks & Pavers
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No New Posts Concrete/Asphalt
I have a small commercial job to do this weekend. It's just the concrete walk around a building. Normally I would pressure wash it. But, I forgot to ask the client if he had an available water spogit before i sold the job. It turns out that he don't. I'm on the hook for this job now and I can't haul water becau...
Paul Freeman 19 10514
No New Posts Chimney cleaning (Preview)
While we were cleaning the roof of this home in Kalamazoo, MI we decided to try our softwash mix on the chimney to see if it would clean up, needless to say the homeowner was very pleased with the results.  We sprayed a 2% mix and let it dwell while we sprayed the roof, 10 minutes later - all clean. Homeowner...
Dan Dykstra 10 1817
No New Posts 72 Unit Condo Complex - Concrete Patios
Here's a job we did this week. Out of the 72 patios, about 70 percent had light to heavy moss on them. Since rain would not assist with any rinsing on the covered patios, we had to use a surface cleaner to mechanically remove the moss. It took 2 guys (me and a helper) 2.5 days to clean all 72. Included in the bi...
Brandon Vaughn 5 1404
No New Posts New Technical Bulletin - Flat Concrete Cleaning
Use this for softwashing flat concrete for algae and mildew stains. (revised) Edited by AC with input from UAMCC Enviromental Director Tony Shelton 08/30/13 AC -- Edited by AC Lockyer on Monday 26th of August 2013 06:02:58 PM -- Edited by AC Lockyer on Friday 30th of August 2013 12:10:43 PM
AC Lockyer 2 1349
No New Posts **Help! Concrete Patios Surrounded By Grass
We just starting whispering about offering this new service and we are already getting hit up for estimates left and right (don't even have my system yet!). Here's a job up for bid. What sold her was the clean lasting 4-6 times longer than pressure washing. 75 concrete patios. (See attached pics 2-4) N...
Brandon Vaughn 17 1433
No New Posts State of Florida Parking Deck
Spray Wash cleaned the exterior of this parking deck on June 1. The exterior is an exposed aggregate limestone, which makes it very difficult to clean ( and nearly impossible to pressure wash!) Due to the aggregate, each square inch of surface has about 15 different "faces" and angles to h...
Ray Burke 5 959
No New Posts Stain on deck not organic
Its not a trex deck, is the newer ones I believe PVC? Vinyl? , we softwashed the deck and when we finished we found 3 stains that look like this. Any recommendations, the guy really wants them out, but I have no idea what to try. I also tried gutter grenade on it.  Any help would be great.  Danny -- Edited by D...
Danny Cronauer 4 661
No New Posts Concrete/Futura Stone
We are pumping out flyers and getting calls left & right which is good but I got a huge driveway & walkway someone wants cleaned then stained. It's partial concrete and partial pebble/futura stone. Looking to use a 3-4% solution since it's not stained badly. My concerns are:  What is the appr...
Matthew Spyker 8 1314
No New Posts The Power of Softwashing Nasty Concrete.......
Just a quick Before & After of a job we did today. The whole house cam out great, but the nasty, funky front steps impressed the customer the most. Actualy impressed two of his neightbors enough to get estimates and sign contracts, as my Assistant Tech was cleaning up the rig. I am just glad the weat...
John Aloisio 15 2683
No New Posts Soft Washing Grease Stains?
Has anyone had any success soft washing grease stains from concrete surfaces and if so what did you find worked best to remove those grease stains?  I have been hired to clean a hotel's roof and they inquired about having their concrete walks cleaned as well.  However their concrete walkways have...
Mike Laskowski 11 1122
No New Posts tabby floor dirty
Hey guys, I have another question for all of you. I used to just refer this type of thing to a local pressure washer but I figure now I need to learn how myself. I have a customer that has a tabby floor in her "mudroom" area. Over time her two dogs have stained part of it black. Do you guys have any id...
Josh Wills 3 1645
No New Posts Florida Department of Education, Concrete Flatwork
Did a large concrete plaza area for the State of Florida this weekend at the Turllington Building.  80% of the concrete was softwshed at a 3-4% strength mixture. A few of the entrances were so heavily speckeld with chewing gum that we went ahead and Pressure Washed those areas.    On Saturday we had a cr...
Ray Burke 4 649
No New Posts f9 removes hard water stains on paver stone wall
We used f9 on the paver wall with a flag pole. The customer was really happy with the results becuase he is selling his house and wants top dollar. We also soft washed his house and that came out great as well. He asked us to not take pictures of his house becuase he is selling it privately. (2 million if anyb...
Michael Derose 3 491
No New Posts Efforvesance
What is best way to remove efforvesance from brick wall without using pressurewasher and without harsh chemicals
Tim Teed 3 547
No New Posts Can SoftWashing Remove Chewing Gum From Concrete?
Is a hot water power washing set-up the only way to deal with gum on concrete?  Is there any other chemical that will lift it off so that we can use our softwash rigs instead of a power washer? (I did searches on "gum", "chewing gum", "gum on concrete", but did not find an...
Mark Fermoyle 6 564
No New Posts Brick Cleaning
I have a customer that has painted brick on the whole front of the store, has been painted white for the last 20 years, they want it stripped and brought back to the original look. Any ideas on the best way. I do not do pressure washing or stripping. Just want to make sure that I find someone who is going to do...
Dan Dykstra 7 473
No New Posts Plastic Melted to concrete
Ok I got a call the other day from a woman who wamts me to clean her porch. NO BIG DEAL right? So i go to meet with her and see the job. I get there and here is the real story, A nurse working from her home set a chair (vinyl) and a snow shovel (plastic)on fire while smoking, The damage is not to extensive however t...
Matt Lancaster 8 438
No New Posts Concrete Cleaning (Preview)
We have not cleaned concrete with sodium hypochlorite, but instead use a surface cleaner and either a concrete cleaning solution or just water.  We are concerned about the use of bleach on the concrete and around the grass... does it kill the grass?  I see on the mixology chart that it recommends to ju...
western pa roof cleaning 24 7414
No New Posts Soft Washing A Tennis Court?
One of my customers has asked me to soft wash this tennis court. The surface is sound and in very good condition. I have never done one of these. Does anyone have experience cleaning these? The perimeter is green and the actual playing surface is done in blue. I'm curious what strength mix to use and also...
Jason Heath 11 487
Topic is Closed Removing Linseed Oil from Concrete Sidewalk (closed)
Guys I need to remove linseed oil from a concrete sidewalk before we can seal it with Saltguard WB.  Any ideas?  The stain has been there for awhile and the homeowner has tried several products to remove it
Steve Salley 7 388
No New Posts 1.5 Miles of sidewalk softwashed (Preview)
Spray Wash Exterior cleaning has been cleaning Innovation Park in Tallahassee! The last  portion of this task is to clean the perimeter sidewalks and curbs in the research park. Last year, Spray Wash did this same job, and we had to pressure wash all 1.5 miles of concrete. This year, we're softwashin...
Ray Burke 16 7135
No New Posts Great Selling Point for SoftWash around Pools
I was speaking with my pool guy and he was tellig me about all the problems that he'd been having with algae blooms in the pools. They would treat it and weeks later would it return. Turns out that the fertilizer was getting into the pool from all the lawn services and powerwashing. Phosphates were going...
Gregg Austensen 1 396
No New Posts University of the West Indies- JFK
Laurie Benjamin 3 401
No New Posts ALKEK Velodrome
One of my passions is racing bicycles, so today I'm giving back to the biking community by softwashing the concrete surface of the Alkek Velodrome in Houston.  The Alkek Velodrome is a 333 meter, concrete track. Its banking ranges from 33 degrees in the turns to 9 degrees in the straights. and is about...
Tom Craddock 8 473
No New Posts Surface Cleaning according to Climate
Hay guys, i have a tricky question: In trinidad we just have two climates....WET & DRY. I may be getting a contract for a stadium and i am wondering when is the reccomend time to get the better results. results meaning the lenght of time before the mold comes back. should i spray before or after the ra...
Laurie Benjamin 2 414
No New Posts Soft Washing Concrete 101 (Preview)
Ok, so you got a job on a concrete surface..but there is not a water supply, how can the soft wash chemicals be most effective.
Laurie Benjamin 4 1570
No New Posts Limestone Patio and Walkways Cleaning (Preview)
We are going to clean unsealed limestone patio blocks and ballusters. What is the best wasy to do that?  What concerns are there when cleaning limestone?  What dilution of mix?  We have cleaned paver landscaping walls, but I was not sure about this. -- Edited by paroofguy on Thursday 19th of April 201...
Steve Salley 1 1633
No New Posts New Home Construction
Is anyone familiar with the acid used to clean brick on new home construction? Just curious about that, and any advice to be had, on cleaning new homes from those that know. Thanks,
Islander Pro-Wash 17 516
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