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Forum: Soft Wash Roof Cleaning
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No New Posts rinsing roofs
Here in central Florida it is getting extremely hot.....cleaned a shingle roof yesterday morning and was completely drenched in sweat by 9am.  I have been rinsing roofs for several months now due to heat and run off with plants.  I do augment my roof mix which has helped a lot with no plant damage.  Was...
Chris Wegner 2 658
No New Posts CH white haze is not going away!
I recently switched over to CH exclusively on roofs, and amazed at how much easier it is to use, mix and handle.  The picture attached is in a community of Garden Homes.  I have done approximately 20 homes on this one street over the past 2.5 weeks.  Any white haze on the roofs have been rinsed off with the...
Gary P Gelatt 12 1012
No New Posts Why is one roof darker than the other?
Below are pics of a garage roof we cleaned Friday.  My question is ....Why is the 19 yr old roof on the main house not dirty but the 9 yr old roof on the garage is so dirty?  The front of the house faces the east and the oak tree in the back is about 15ft away from the garage.  Any input would be great.   -- Edited b...
Chris Wegner 10 510
No New Posts Bleach Neutralizers
I recently killed off a fairly large bush that was near a downspout. A day after cleaning we had a light rain and I suspect there was not enough water in the rain to dilute the mixture enough. I have also burned the grass over the roof drip lines (even after using bleach wash) and I started thinking......W...
Doug G 21 1027
No New Posts Crazy Idea
I have an idea.  I have a friend who refurbs old boat trailers.  I was thinking of building a section of roof on an old pontoon trailer, infecting it with GM, cleaning part, and using it as a rolling billboard. My questions are these, has anyone tried this?  Has anyone successfully infected a roof?  Do m...
Chad Eneix 12 565
No New Posts Free Demos
I got a call from a homeowner that wanted a quote on roof cleaning, the name and address sounded familiar, so I checked my records and sure enough I had given them a quote last year along with a small demo on the roof. I went back to the home to speak with the homeowner once again and as I pull into the driveway...
Dan Dykstra 13 785
No New Posts Discussion on roof mix
Wondering if we can discuss roof mix. I have been following the mixology by AC. I'm finding that in my area it's just not killing the GM and I need to apply 3-4+ coats and at times even come back a few days later.  I was hesitant to increase my SH for fear I would kill off everything around the house. The reali...
Doug G 28 1068
No New Posts Can algae damage my roof? (Preview)
Can algae damage my roof is a question that gets answered differently on a daily basis, just like as noted above. The question becomes more about the evidence, common sense and the science over the source. Algae is also a somewhat "loose" term. The black streaks are actually Gloeocapsa m...
Doug G 46 4180
No New Posts First Demo
Finally, Roofwash Exteriors did our first demo on a commercial property, and I'm proud to say that I closed the deal with a hand shake up at the peak of the roof after I showed him the demo and explained the benefits of what Softwashing can do.  I'm Softwashing it on Saturday. I gotta say, I wasn't plannin...
Shaun Harton 7 563
No New Posts First house wash.
Roofwash Exteriors just completed our first house wash today, This was the awning that was hanging over the windows in the back.  customer was very happy with the entire Softwashing. I love this job. Lol.  Why did I wait till I was 39 to do this. Man, am I exited. LOL.
Shaun Harton 9 766
No New Posts Roof Cleaning over a lake
Any safe chems to use over water? There are no gutters, the run off will drop straight into the lake.   We cleaned the guys home, and now he wants the boat house done.  Thanks, Danny
Danny Cronauer 4 685
No New Posts Batching
Does anyone have a formula they use for figuring how much mix to make based on how any squares you are cleaning. Roof mix and siding mix for example.
Jim Prom 6 659
No New Posts some input please
.I finally got to try out my gen2, worked great,,,BUUUT the roof did not turn out as plan..i used a 3%mix of ch and green wash appox 20 oz. roof slope 11/12. sprayed it twice...the after pic is after 3 days..and the streaks are still noticeable..any ideas or suggestions would be great..could it be that m...
Edward Yackenovich 32 868
No New Posts Rain
Two large jobs scheduled on rain days.....Shut down or shoot.....any thoughts on shooting a wet roof?
Doug G 17 793
No New Posts $150 roof cleaning
$150 for a complete roof cleaning.   Here is what I am looking at, there is a neighbor hood that has over 300 homes in it, all are ranch style 1500 sq foot homes, easy roofs to walk. I can do a whole roof in an hour (pull up to pull out) can wash 4 without moving truck. Most are black streaks only.  150 seems to be...
Dan Dykstra 48 1200
No New Posts Pixie Dust
I recently learned, by one of the awesome people on this BB, that I might just be putting too much mix on the roof and not allowing the oxygen in the air to do it's job. I've also read a bit about Pixie Dust and believe it helps to oxygenate your mix. Can we discuss who uses PD and how often, is it only being used...
Doug G 3 455
No New Posts Roof shampoo
I have a roof shampoo guy in my area that I often have to bid against on jobs, well today I get a call from a lady that I gave a quote to and she asks me about my process, she told me that she also had roof shampoo give her a quote and he told her that I use bleach and that my process will kill her plants.  She said tha...
Dan Dykstra 9 835
No New Posts How many ground guys?
I was watching Zach's awesome new video and noticed only one ground guy. I've been using two guys but felt two was a bit of overkill at times. Sometimes though I think one is just not enough. We have some odd shaped houses here and the roof lines can get pretty cut up sending mix different directions. So my...
Doug G 5 391
No New Posts Thoughts on a bucket truck
Has anyone considered or tried or even currently using a bucket truck? Just looking around and considering buying one for next season. Most homes we deal with would be easy if we could just hover over and spray. The issue I've seen is carrying my tanks. Most bucket trucks really don't have much room in t...
Doug G 13 473
No New Posts Bleach by the gallon
Has anyone used single gallons of bleach, like from the dollar store? You can still get a gallon from them for a buck. The bulk supplier near me it almost 3 times that. I know the percentage may be less. Just looking at alternatives in a pinch.  
Jim Prom 11 530
No New Posts Moss not rinsing
Here is a photo from one of the last jobs we did in November.  Homeowner called and said dead moss never rinsed off.  I'm guessing because it has been so cold and now only just warming up.  I can easily pick it up.  It feels like dry decomposing wood paper pulp.  I'll go back and rinse it off.  
Tim Teed 4 437
No New Posts Cedar Shake and bleach wash
I'm getting ready to go bid a very large cedar shake, two story, mansard roof. Any tips on propelling the bleach wash when i'm done? I'm thinking I'll use my wand supplied by a 5 gal bucket and my ground man. If I do use a 5 gal bucket are there any thoughts on the amount of BW I should add to a full bucket? I plan...
Doug G 26 667
No New Posts Cedar Shingle thoughts? Any advice appreciated.
Here are the pictures of the cedar shingle roof I'm bidding. I sprayed a 2% mix on the areas with the yellow circles and virtually nothing happened at all. The homeowner is willing to hire me for the garage and then "see" about the house only because my test mix didn't work. He's only allowing...
Doug G 12 499
No New Posts Roof residue on a hot roof!
Roofs are getting hot here in Atlanta!  House we did below cleaned up nicely.  But returned the next day to pick up a check, and the white residue was bad.  I know it rinses with a light rain (rain for tomorrow), but is there something I'm doing wrong with my mix?  3%, SH.  
Gary P Gelatt 11 488
No New Posts Freshly stained pergola and roof mix??
Hey everyone.  Have you guys ever dealt with this?  A client wants us to clean her roof and this pergola covers her entire back porch.  They just had it installed last year so the stain is all in good condition. I was thinking of laying some plywood on it and then covering it with tarps to direct the runoff...
Josh Wills 11 600
No New Posts Cedar Shake Cleaning
Got a call from an insurance company that  wanted me to look at this roof to see if it is one that can be cleaned, either it has to be cleaned or replaced before they will insure the house. New owner takes possession next month. Thoughts on this?   I'm thinking clean it.   -- Edited by Dan Dykstra on Friday 21...
Dan Dykstra 7 474
Christopher LaGrasta 5 399
No New Posts Roof cleaning in Baton Rouge, LA by Cajun Soft Wash
Doug G 14 628
No New Posts Hard water marks
Hi all Have just come across this job. The client wants to go ahead only if we can remove these water marks. They are situated below the overflow of a pipe and coming down the both sides of the solar heating panels. Any ideas. It also looks like there are a couple of streaks that have some brown streaks in it...
Garon Buczynski 2 381
No New Posts Decra Roof (Preview)
Finally got a decra roof cleaning to add to our list of types of roofs cleaned. Metal roofs of any type are far and few between yet here in Michigan.
Dan Dykstra 5 1676
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