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Forum: Soft Wash Roof Cleaning
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No New Posts Softwashing Heavy Moss on Roofs
All,   In the Pacific Northwest we get a ton of moss on roofs easily. I've been cleaning roofs now for 6 months in my area and have had exceptional results when customers are patient. We have a "no scrape" policy which is contrary to anyone else who does roof cleaning in my area. My rule of thumb...
Spencer Zeman 12 5954
No New Posts First job for Beluga Softwash!
We did our first job yesterday, a backyard gazebo and it came out great! We used a 3% solution with Green Wash. We were in and out in less than 3 hours, taking our time to do everything. The roof only took an hour to clean. The owner is really impressed and we will be doing her 5000+ sq ft roof next! Before and a...
Paul Low Chew Tung 11 1340
No New Posts Need advice on clay tile roof with sealer
Hey guys, I'm quoting a roof cleaning job for a clay tile roof. The roof appears normal but the customer has advised that some years ago it was pressure washed and sealed with a chemical called B66. Should this be an issue when cleaning? Here is a link to the chemical - http://www.scl.co.tt/Assets/sp...
Paul Low Chew Tung 4 1255
No New Posts Seeking advice on asphalt shingle roof
Hey guys, We have a 3500 sq ft asphalt shingle roof to clean. This is but one of many in this particular neighbourhood; all dirty. I know once we can effectively clean this one, it will lead to all the others. Have a look at the pics and advise. I am thinking 3% solution and that's it. Anything I should be awa...
Paul Low Chew Tung 6 861
No New Posts for sale 7gpm fatboy
Hey guys I have a 7gpm fat boy kit I'd like to unload I have had NO chems in it at all just used it on a job for rinsing. Its overpowered for what I need a chem pump for. I need it gone soon asking $600 obo I have pictures just text for them I have a bit if room to move but not too much. 417-239-9963 I'm up at 3am centra...
Richard Griffith 0 706
No New Posts Softwash Ranger cleans pvc commercial roof (Preview)
Softwash Ranger was contracted to clean the roof of a well known chain restaurant. The roof was a Duro last membrane roof.  The roof was dirty and greasy from the environment and mostly from the grease from the kitchen duct work. The company that cleans the ducts and grease traps cleans them on the roof...
Mario Ciottariello 10 1233
No New Posts Buying bleach in bulk?
I've been buying the 12.5%SH at a pool supply shop...$4/gallon. Any recommendations on how or where to buy cheaper in bulk? I contacted a company (SCP) that supplies wholesale to people in the pool business(pool supply and pool service techs), but the person I spoke with did not seem to think they wou...
Ron Krill 8 2700
No New Posts Roof Anchors
Anybody have any recommendations on a good roof anchor system that doesn't require a thousand screws... better yet no screws (other than AC's plumbing pipe system....some roofs such as a garage roof just don't have the necessary vent pipe or enough vent pipes).  I do 100% of my roof jobs from the g...
Mike Laskowski 6 1578
No New Posts Roof-A-Cide
Had a facebook conversation with a roof-a-cide company, I am not sure if they are a roof cleaning business or not, I'm confused now.Anyone use this stuff?Cleaning the roof every couple of years IS damaging to the shingles.  That's why we eliminate the need for cleaning and the wear & tear associa...
Dan Dykstra 4 790
No New Posts Copper Geothermal Systems
Have any of you guys encounter copper geothermal systems before? I did a roof cleaning job last October where the home owner mentioned he had a copper geothermal system not to far from the house.  We took extra precautions to neutralize any overspray and plant washed like crazy the area.  Got a call to...
Frank Shuell 9 821
No New Posts CLR use on composite shingles?
Hi everyone, I've got an old customer who has a combination of rust and what appears to be calcium deposits on one area of his roof.  It is where the AC drain pan pipe drips.  I'm sure the rust will come out with F9, but I'm not sure if F9 will take care of the accompanying calcium.  Anyone out there know if &q...
Mark Fermoyle 13 4220
No New Posts Selling Biz
Thinking about selling my business. Hard to keep up with demand being active duty military, business and growing family. Have 2004 F-150 with 146k, new tires and kept well with AC's old demo skid. Plus plenty of ladders, etc. Has Northern Tool 24v pump which you can purchase replacement head for less...
Matthew Spyker 3 943
No New Posts Lead Coated Copper Gutters
We will be doing a nice job if weather gets warm.  It has lead coated copper gutters.  I told homeowner we constantly rinse copper and if there is a reaction it will turn back to the weathered patina.  What happens with lead coated copper?
Tim Teed 7 1576
No New Posts EPDM ROOF
Many of you who attended SWP in 2014 will reminder the lab that Pat Clrak and I did on the church roof! It was an EPDM roofing material. We are in the middle of another sub room here in Tallahassee.It is located om the compost of Florida A & M university. Cleaning great and easy. if you ever have a chance...
Ray Burke 4 759
No New Posts Algae Resistant Shingles
Hi Everyone: Not sure if this was every mentioned here on the forum but if not here you go. We were contacted by a builder a few weeks ago regarding algae growth and what was supposed to be algae resistant shingles. This home was the builders home when he contacted the shingle manufacturer to inquire why...
Gregg Giordano 5 873
No New Posts What is it and how do we get rid of it.
Good to see all here on the boards. -- Edited by Gregg Giordano on Wednesday 12th of October 2016 12:46:19 AM -- Edited by Gregg Giordano on Wednesday 12th of October 2016 12:46:53 AM
Gregg Giordano 14 1197
No New Posts credit card charge back
We had been doing some ads in local newspaper.  Its not bringing in my targeted high end homes but I covered all of my costs and then some.  It is mainly helping me with branding.  We had been getting some of the nicer working class homes - that want a lot for little money, but if you make the sale they want ev...
Tim Teed 11 1039
No New Posts Black Stains.. lets play detective.
After this roof was cleaned, we notice light spots underneath the dormers.. or is the rest of the roof dark? Thats question number 1.  The roof has.. zinc across the top... and copper flashings on every dormer.  I did rinse the flashings. I am trying to figure out what caused the roof to appear this dark...
Danny Cronauer 10 886
No New Posts Roofs with solar panels
I just treated a roof last week and the HO is thinking about putting solar panels on it. He asked me about any issues with cleaning a roof after solar panels have been installed. Anyone have any information or advice?  
Doug Shaffer 10 938
No New Posts Why fungal resistant shingles dont work.
Hey Y'all, Here are a few pix of some three tab shingles I found that were dirty as all get out but obviously had zinc granule within them. Let's start a thread discussing why fungal resistant shingles don't work. AC
AC Lockyer 10 2189
No New Posts Roof Cleaning Challenge
I have a cedar roof cleaning coming up in a couple weeks, it has some special challenges and I would like to hear the different ways that we all would approach it. (I have the way I am going to do it) It is a northern Michigan hunting cabin, 1 mile down a dirt 2 track, in the middle of the woods. This job is 75 mil...
Dan Dykstra 9 1934
No New Posts Georgia to Michigan
What is up with all the people leaving Georgia and coming up here to Michigan. In the last 2 weeks I have quoted 7 roof/house washes for people that have recently moved from Georgia to our AWESOME state of Michigan, the good thing is that everyone of them already knew about Soft Washing instead of pressu...
Dan Dykstra 4 545
No New Posts Roof cleaning/ Exterior cleaning lead for Gainesville, GA 30501
Hey guy just had a lead come in for this area. please email the office at Precisionprowash@gmail.com if you can take care of this customer. Thanks, Patrick Clark
Patrick Clark 0 435
No New Posts Hello northern folks!!!
Y'all might have moss growing on your roofs, but we got these badboys growing on ours! Hahahaj
Alejandro Riojas 6 669
No New Posts Underlayment, Flashing, Nails and the Demonization of Sodium Hypochlorite
Hey Y'all, Got this e-mail today and I wanted to share how I responded to it. AC   The e-mail,  -----Original Message-----From: MatthewSent: Wednesday, July 9, 2014 12:16 PMTo: AC SoftwashSubject: Question about damage to underlayment AC, My friend in Fort Myers has a friend who sells roofing an...
AC Lockyer 3 842
No New Posts Looking for pictures of damage to metal roofs caused by pressure washers.
Title says it all. I've had to requests in the last few days for metal roof cleaning sans chemicals useing high pressure. Need to educate clients and pictures are worth a 1000 words.
Texas Pressure Clean 9 872
No New Posts Painted Black Strip Barrel Tile Roofs
hey guys i got a job coming next week, ive done plenty of barrel tile roofs with no black paint strips. The question is if i wash it like any other single color barrel tile roofs will i have a problem bleaching  the black painted strip while removing the gleocapsma magma. This is the customers main concer...
Alejandro Riojas 3 404
No New Posts My first heavy moss and lichen roof.
Hey guys, I new it was only matter of time until I tackled one of these beauties. How would you guys approach and finish this roof. Thoughts. Here are some before and after pics. I am letting mother nature take it from here.  I even Softwashed there family picnic table as a good gesture. 
Shaun Harton 7 794
No New Posts Erie Job Lead
I have a lead for Erie, PA if anyone is in that area.  
Danny Cronauer 1 479
No New Posts Skylights at bleach in-between panes of glass
We softwash this roof last week, and I get a call back from the guy a day later saying all of his windows are white hazed. So I sent the guys back with some bleach wash and they call me and tell me its not on the outside of the glass.  I go check it out,  there is a white haze in-between his window panes.  Its a wal...
Danny Cronauer 17 974
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