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Forum: Soft Wash Vinyl Siding & Soffit Cleaning
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No New Posts Vinyl siding weird drying streaks?
Has happened a few times now, we are seeing these "drain lines" forming from under the vinyl siding. Anyone have any reason why it is doing this or how to prevent it? 
Danny Cronauer 13 7219
No New Posts How long will Softwash last on Vinyl siding
I have a bid to submit for a vynil siding complex and I want to know if I can give a guarantee on the cleaning. They think they need it every year but I would like to offer them a 2 year guarantee on the siding. Is this advisable, would doing a "final wash" add to the longevity of the cleaning provided. I have ne...
Jacob Daley 7 2767
No New Posts 32 unit apartment complex Vinyl with Brick lower
Hi Guys, I need to see what everyone thinks on this one. I have a 32 unit complex I need to quote but think I may need to power wash the brick. Here are some pics let me know if you think I can soft wash this or if it will need power. Also I have never quoted a job if I need to use the power washer this much, anyone hav...
David Harrington 8 2738
No New Posts Vinyl Siding with Oxidation
HI Guys, I have a nice house that has a pretty good oxidation problem on the siding.  Take a look and let me know what you guys think may be able to help. Oxi wash?? Extra Green Wash??? It doesn't show very good in the pics but there are white zebra stripes on the house.  The siding has oxidation the comes off...
David Harrington 6 2542
No New Posts Am I cutting my own throat?
We did this house yesterday and was just wondering if you guys would please tell me an estimate on what you would have charged to do this job. Just want to see if I'm anywhere close. I know that it's going to very with different regions of the country, it should still be in the ball park.
Anita Ingram 4 2141
No New Posts This is where I get confused
I'm doing a house tomorrow but I'm going to be using my new chemical injector until my softwash rig is ready.  Now my house washed is for 3 onces per gallon of water and 8 once said of SH. If I mix the wash and the SH together in a 5 gallon bucket, how much water will i have to add to the bucket? Because I know that...
Anita Ingram 6 2248
No New Posts 3 Story Gutters
How do you guys clean 3 story gutters, please take me through this process. I have been slaving away dipping my brush in a bucket at then scrubbing. Well 3 stories just isn't fun. There has to be a better way. I did gutters today, the temp was 55 in the sun.  The front gutters (in the sun) came out nice. The ba...
Danny Cronauer 18 11313
No New Posts Help with estimate
Hey guys, I need help with an estimate. My 20 module training set isn't arriving in time to get estimate out, he needs it asap, but doesn't need it cleaned until 4/1. Im getting a 7 gal/min pump in bucket tomorrow along with green wash, bleach wash, and plant wash. The house is 3 stories, 3200 sq ft, 1st sto...
Gary Ensminger 15 3786
No New Posts Start to Finish Soft Wash Systems & Vinyl ( 1 2 )
AC:  Can you take me through a house wash using the soft wash system? Have you already posted that resource somewhere else?   We'll be getting our skid next month and I'm just wondering, because we currently use an xjet  and a (4) part chem mix of SH,GW, rinse aid, and wet wax. In my thought process, I keep...
Ryan Freidline 56 15840
No New Posts Question: softwash Vinyl siding?
I see that everybody is protecting the plants when they use roof mix (SH) making sure they don't burn /damage the plants, shrubs, flowers... When i see videos on cleaning vinyl siding with SH the mix is running down the siding on the ground with no protection, i know it's about 1% Does the 1% mix hurt the p...
Mike Pasco 4 2454
No New Posts Cost per square foot
I'm planning on getting into doing softwashing. Can someone give me an average on how much area you can clean with a 100 gals. of mixed solution. I'm trying to come with a cost per square foot.   Thanks  
Andrew Schweitzer 1 2413
No New Posts help on some pricing
Have 205 foot of gutters to clean and two decks to wash one is 9x 21and the second one is 13 by 22 and the facial and soffit is 3382 square feet just wants to clean and here's some pictures of the job. It was painted 2 years a go
Samuel Alan 2 2344
No New Posts Alucobond aluminium composite panels
hey boys and girls, looking for some assistance or recommendations on cleaning Alucobond aluminium composite panels. I am using my phone, not sure how to get Pictures us. Will post ASAP for those who are uncertain. Thanks Update: here are two pictures, the other is an example.  -- Edited by Laurie Be...
Laurie Benjamin 0 1861
No New Posts Flies and fly poop.
So I know you guys have seen fly poop on siding before. Almost looks like artillery fungus.   Do you know of something my customer can do to keep the flies from pooping on newly cleaned siding?
Ethan Moore 2 2176
No New Posts New mold growth after only one year from last treatment
We treated the walls, soffits and trim on this house last Sept. The owner called to tell us that mold had shown up on the front of the house. It's actually showing on the entire house, high and low. All four sides. I know this is cedar siding with Cabots latex paint. (Couldn't find a better place to post). I...
Bob Riddick 15 3745
No New Posts F9 on fiber cement
I have a customer who has a fiber cement building with rust stains from water running out of a rooftop planter down the siding.  I can scrub it off with a magic eraser, but the area is huge and 25+ ft. tall.  My extension brushes don't have enough friction.  I was hoping someone might give me some insight o...
Chad Eneix 2 2002
No New Posts Artillary Fungus (Black Dots) on siding
I'm sure many of you have seen this. It is everywhere here... Is there anything you use to help remove this?   If you don't automatically know what this is let me know on here and I will explain it. But basically its a pain in the rear end.
Ethan Moore 13 3244
No New Posts How not to clean copper tops of bay windows?
I have a house and roof cleaning to do next week. The house has a couple of bay windows with copper tops. These are very dark. Homeowner said they like the color and don't want the color to change. I have not had an experience with copper. Is my softwash solution going to change the color and if so how can I pr...
Randy Ashley 5 2550
No New Posts Vines growing on siding
I have a customer that bought a house covered in a creeping vine, they have removed all the vines and now want the sticky little roots and things that are still stuck to the brick, gutters, vinyl siding, windows and doors removed. Has anyone found something that will help in getting this stuff off the ho...
Dan Dykstra 4 2203
No New Posts Let's discuss ch
How many of you guys are using ch? Any tips/tricks? I have a job Thursday I am considering trying it again. Place has a lot of landscaping and I don't feel like going to get sh I'm mainly concerned about the residue issue
Micheal Pumphrey 26 5384
No New Posts vinyl siding turning orange in spots
Hey guys, I really need some advice on this subject. I was Softwashing a house today with white vinyl siding, and it turned orange on me at the bottom last 3 rows of siding. Its in a few different spots on the north side, but it low to the ground behind the plants. Here are some pics.  I scrubbed it with purpl...
Shaun Harton 16 5039
No New Posts New Construction Fiber Cement Siding
I have run in to this multiple times before, and have a solution.  I was just wondering if anyone has a suggestion for a better way.  I have a new construction fiber cement sided house to clean tomorrow.  Fiber cement tends to have a good amount of cement dust on it when new, and washing without scrubbing...
Chad Eneix 2 2411
No New Posts Monster Project
I have a bid in to SoftWash the entire exterior of this complex. It is simply put - a monster. All the siding, concrete, decks on the property. North of 50k... Curious how some of you guys price larger jobs like this and how deeply you discount to make up for the fact you have no travel time to and from jobs? L...
Brandon Vaughn 4 2745
No New Posts Light grey vinyl siding
We did a house wash today that was a light grey vinyl siding, house is on a dirt road so the front of the house had years of dust from the road built up on it.  The homeowner tried to power wash the siding last fall, not good.  Siding is more than 15 years old.    Thing will not come as clean as I want.  Still can s...
Dan Dykstra 17 4035
No New Posts Difficult Customer
Hey, any advice would be helpful.  I just had a proposal accepted to do a 80 unit condo complex.  They are townhouse style, 4-6 to a building.  The board obviously shared my proposal with the association owners.  I received a forwarded email from one owner who says she had "Multiple Chemical Sen...
Chad Eneix 10 3120
No New Posts Yellowish Burn from Pellet stove
Hey guys I was called out to do a house wash, and I found the pellet stove exhaust did a number on the siding. I am attaching a picture.  Any input would be great, Thanks, Danny
Danny Cronauer 4 1932
No New Posts What would you price these at?
Just curious. I was thinking $40 each. There are over 50 of them on site. Vinyl.
Brandon Vaughn 9 2561
No New Posts House wash price on big job
Need to put a quote together for a house that has 5800 sq ft of vinyl. It has all the regular issues...algae, dirt, rust ect. This is a bigger house than I am used to quoting So I decided to just go with pricing it by sq ft like Flatwork. Math comes out to be about $1200.00. Am I in the ballpark?
Jeff Thompson 26 4914
No New Posts Vinyl Fencing SoftWash'd
Hey Y'all, Here is some vinyl fencing that we cleaned in Sarasota last week with Gorilla Kleen. AC
AC Lockyer 13 3493
No New Posts Dropped my first "F-Bomb"
Ordered and used my F9 for the first time this week.  Used it on a house I had washed 3 years ago that had rust stains really bad from a faulty installation of an air handler condensation pan overflow.  Three years ago I was not able to do anything for the homeowner.  This year, however, we knocked his sock...
Mark Fermoyle 16 5834
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