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Forum: SoftWash Systems Spraying Systems
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Sticky Topic STICKY: System Tabs
Would you like to earn the opportunity to get your SoftWash Systems TM, Patent Pending Cradle Skid System DRAMATICALLY DISCOUNTED? Well SoftWash Systems just created a reward system for that. It is called a System Tab. System Tabs are our version of a Box Top. Each and every SoftWash Systems chemica...
AC Lockyer 17 7114
Sticky Topic STICKY: New SoftWash Systems Mixing Tank Module with DPI Technology
SoftWash Systems Mixing Tank Module with DPI Technology *White PVC film on tank strap peels off after shipping to customer. Just protective to keep aluminum from getting scratched. Based on our new Generation III Cradle Skid "track technology" this softwash mixing tank offers a wide array of func...
AC Lockyer 0 2935
Sticky Topic STICKY: Generation III Build Dates (availability)
2014 Generation III SoftWash Systems Cradle Skid Build Dates. **These are the dates these systems will be COMPLETE and available for pick-up by the customer or by the shipper. August builds rolled over to September. September 17th Liberty SoftWash 18th Chris Webber 19th Brennan Fulkerson Octobe...
AC Lockyer 2 2812
Sticky Topic STICKY: New SoftWash Systems Cradle Skid System Purchase & Deposit Guidelines
Just a heads up that the new Generation III Systems are now finally going into production.  When you order a system you will need to put down a 50% deposit as well as let us know how many system tabs you will be cashing in on the deal. The remaining 50% will be due before we ship or you take delivery of the syst...
AC Lockyer 1 2630
Sticky Topic STICKY: Redemption of System Tabs
Here are the steps when ordering a SoftWash Systems Cradle Skid System and cashing in your System Tabshttp://softwashsystems.activeboard.com/t48347720/c​radle-system-build-dates-only-5-remain/
AC Lockyer 0 3167
No New Posts Thoughts On Name and Logo?
I've been thinking of a company name ... Minuteman Softwashing I know some "snicker" when they see/hear the name Minuteman.  But I think if branded properly and with the proper logo all that would go away.???? So ... what do you all think?  
Robert Baxter 1 2742
No New Posts Can 2 techs run one skid simultaneously?
Hi Gang,   Currently I am operating a 4gpm Machine and downstreaming 5 gallon buckets, old school I know. Working on certification and SoftWash Systems TM training before rushing into investments. I would like to have capability of two technicians running simultaneously ie. One soaping and anoth...
Michael Scambos 4 2548
No New Posts What hose size is recommended
Hey guys, What hose size should I be using. I purchased a deluxe 7gpm @ 80-100 psi. I've seen some using 1/2 and 5/8" just wondering which works best. Thanks.
Curt Benham 2 2666
No New Posts Blend 100
Hey guys, I am new to soft washing and looking at the blend 100 unit, was wondering if anyone is currently using this, and if I can get some info. - Price, living in Ontario Canada, can it be shipped? - How long can this unit run from full - empty? Thanks  
Curt Benham 1 2374
No New Posts Need opinions on job
Wanted to state my situation and get some honest feedback from the veterans . I started my softwash company slowly but finally now got things going pretty well . I have done about 5 roof jobs along with siding and sidewalks and some fence cleaning . I am pretty confident now in my work and have my rig set ab...
Justin Vanarsdol 5 2839
No New Posts Do I need a new truck?
I ordered a gen3 unit with the 6' bed frame and 3 modules (blend, storage, and bulk rinse. I was originally planning on putting the system in my 4 cylinder Toyota Tacoma. I have a couple questions. How much will this system weigh, and do I need a bigger truck? I went shopping for a super duty pickup today an...
Jacob Daley 20 13099
No New Posts Sometimes you just can't Softwash.
Aloha guys sorry haven't been on the site for a while. We have been super busy and want to share a short video of a house we actually had to use a water fed pole and a degreaser. The roofers put a roof on on left the house a mess so the company called us out to remove the dirt from this house. We had to pull a rabbit...
Chris Mozick 2 2356
No New Posts New Blend Module Is Now Available.
AC Lockyer 11 3978
No New Posts How to word my estimate
I have an estimate to do (my first for roof cleaning) I don't want to put something in the estimate that i shouldn't like the word bleach or bad smell. I dont want to turn the customer off in any way. I need some advice or maybe a sample estimate. Im here to learn, any advice is greatly appreciated.   Mike
Mike Pasco 15 4036
No New Posts pump n a bucket plumbing help
Hey guys I just got my 7gpm pump n bucket and I need help plumbing it. I've looked on bb and you tube and cant find anything on it. I've attached pics as to what Im working with. Im putting on trailer with 50 gallon tank. Thanks for help
Gary Ensminger 22 4455
No New Posts Getting Equipment
All, Ok guys I'm new to the game but have been watching, reading and researching a lot. I'm getting ready to order the SoftWash System Cert Applicator Program (for education, sorry if I'm asking ?'s the modules will answer), I'm also ordering the High reach delivery system (from JRacestein), a 50 gal...
Gary Ensminger 14 4585
No New Posts Fire station cleaning HAWAII
Chris Mozick 6 2490
No New Posts Cradle skid cleanup
So I'm getting ready for next weeks home and garden show. I will be showing the softwash system trailer at the show. Question how do some of you clean your skids and remove sh stains from the  alumion frame?
Alejandro Riojas 20 4874
No New Posts pumps
Delavan PowerFLO Diaphragm Pump, 12 Volt DC, 5.0 GPM do you think that is a good temp for more pressure a guy is going to sell it to me for 75  
Samuel Alan 18 5392
No New Posts Valve positions cheat sheet
New to the system, I'm still trying to figure  which way all the valves go in order to perform certain tasks. I think AC  a link on here somewhere showing various positions, as far as spraying, mixing, on loading bleach to bulk tank, etc.  I did my first roof today, my own office roof, did half to use as an a...
Steve Dobson 9 3809
No New Posts Whats the best way to clean and seal/stain wood siding?
This customer wants his house re-stained so that he can sell it.  I'm not sure if the dark areas are an old stain/sealer or algae like what is on the roof, which he wants cleaned as well. Question: 1. Best way to clean the wood siding with some areas being dark and others being light? 2. Advice on pricing, c...
Chris Weber 6 3195
No New Posts need a transfer pump
I'm sure this has been covered, but I can't find a thread on it. I need a transfer pump.  currently, I am taking delivery by drum.  my pump died.  I have gone thru too many pumps (did not have bleach wash before!) Any suggestions on a particular pump to use to transfer into the truck & pails?
Jeffrey Kirby 4 2619
No New Posts Mounting my Generation III system
HI everyone Im wondering if anyone can help me I have my new Generation III system in my  truck and Im wondering exactly where I should bolt my system down so it wont move around. Any suggestion on how you did 
Brian Hartwig 5 2664
No New Posts Was really lucky to get a used SWS cradle skid.
I happened to be listening instead of talking for once, and with that I was able to purchase a used SWS cradle and s nice PW setup as well. I can't wait to get after it in our area, there is no one here doing what we do. I have a ton of interest already. Thanks to Jon Welker of Agent Clean for a great transaction o...
Jim Prom 6 2774
No New Posts Build your own rig questions
Good morning friends! I'm going to be purchasing another forum members SoftWashing equipment in the next few months and for budget reasons I'll be mounting this to a trailer.  He is attached to his tank so I'm in the market for a tank of my own and have a few questions.  I have a full time job that is secure...
Troy Layman 26 9165
No New Posts Pump for system
What replacement pump is now being used for the systems. 
Dan Dykstra 1 2123
No New Posts chemical effect
if I purchase a trailer would you recommend a metal or aluminum trailer? does the chlorine effect either of those?   Thanks
Leon Lapp 5 2502
No New Posts Gen III in a van? WHAT...................... Sac-Religious.
OK were in development for these to go to Europe now so here is what they may look like. AC
AC Lockyer 9 3113
No New Posts Ready to order my cradle
Hello everyone I have finished my Certificate and Im ready to order my caradle system, does anyone have any advice on how to go about doing this and getting the best price? Anyone know what it would cost to ship to Washington? I am very excited about starting the softwash business and  I have lots to lear...
Brian Hartwig 12 3947
No New Posts Anyone using the generation 111
Im trying to decide if I should bye a used  Generation 11softwash system or is the Generation 111 a way better system. Is it more user friendly, leave more room in the bed of the truck, use less product....that type of thing.  I appreciate any advice you have on either systems.   
Brian Hartwig 5 2575
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