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Forum: SoftWash Systems Spraying Systems
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No New Posts First Hybrid SoftWash / Powerwash System goes to Doug Ford of Memphis, TN
Midsouth Prowash has a new ride! AC
AC Lockyer 15 2496
No New Posts SoftWash Rig
Can the tanks on the SoftWash rig be used as water holding tanks. If I am working in a spot that does not have a water source. Is there  a way to draw water out of the tanks to use a pressure washer.
John Orrico 8 1620
No New Posts Fuel Tanks cleaned with SWS skid! (Preview)
Unique job here.... fuels tanks for a petroleum products distributor.  Used my cradle skid and applied a 2% mix from the ground...this was some thick and heavy lichen.  Let the mix sit on the tanks overnight and then rinsed from a lift. Could have done the job from a ladder...but who wants to get that we...
Ray Burke 7 1744
No New Posts Cleaning/Polishing Your Soft Wash System
Any and all ideas on maintaining the shine?  We've had our system for 6-8 months now and it could use a polishing/cleaning.   Aluminum....So.....i dunno, mild acid solution maybe? Also; Spray systems are polished aluminum, so that could make a difference, right?
Ryan Freidline 7 1517
No New Posts cradle system
What are the dimensions of the the various cradle systems? Michael
Michael Hickey 1 984
No New Posts 6 SoftWash Systems Patent Pending Cradle Systems Ready For Softwashapolooza.
Got some pix of the systems being prepped for next weeks event. AC
AC Lockyer 3 1436
No New Posts Just Delivered, Green Tiger Baton Rouge, LA - Alvin Brown
Here is a sweet rig for sure. Enjoy her Alvin, Marlon and Casandra. AC -- Edited by AC Lockyer on Monday 17th of December 2012 04:44:58 PM
AC Lockyer 4 1870
No New Posts Precision Power Wash NJ - New Commercial 200 / 100 System
Here are some pix of the build of the TWO (2) Commercial Large Capasity 200 / 100 gallon SoftWash Systems. Here are some pix of the trailer in primer. One of the systems are going in this trailer and one in a truck. AC 
AC Lockyer 20 1513
No New Posts 2012 Cradle System Build Dates (CLOSED) (Preview)
THANK YOU WE SOLD 34 SoftWash Systems Cradle Skids in 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Because of unexpected increases in production we have decided to limit production of SoftWash Systems TM, Patent Pending, Cradle Skids to 48 in 2012. The process for ordering a system will be...
AC Lockyer 17 51357
No New Posts Just Delivered, Greg Austensen with Ecowash in Georgia
Nice to finally meet you Greg! AC  
AC Lockyer 5 1064
No New Posts Removing Rust Stains
Has anyone tried to remove rust stains from an asphalt roof. I have always used oxalic acid to remove rust and it works on some small stains but im doing a large stain around 20x30 ft and it is not easy. Any ideas   Also any good ways to clean dried up bleach on a driveway, seems like water is not cutting it. 
Josh Scavetta 16 1904
No New Posts Safe ladder length for skid
Not sure if this was the best location for this but it does pertain to the skids. What is the longest ladder that can be safely transported on truck mounted skid without any front support?   Thanks!
Gregg Austensen 7 1269
No New Posts ".......maybe you could hire {machine gun fire} THE A-TEAM
new system...and The A-Team, no longer a careless whisper. I'm never gonna dance again (with my old unit)
Ryan Freidline 4 1264
No New Posts Just Delivered, Mike Paris, Ashville, NC.
Mike and his wife stopped by while on Vacation in sunny Orlando, FL visiting the mouse with his kids and picked up his new SoftWash Systems Cradle Skid system. Enjoy it Mike! AC 
AC Lockyer 5 1467
No New Posts A-Team's Soft Wash Skid
Hey guys, Looking for some input to get the most from our new system.  Couple of things that I'm trying to do to incorporate the system into our common practices.   1.  When we are cleaning a roof, is there anyway maxmize pressure to the hose real and cheat the the return line back to the batch tank? 2.  Is t...
Ryan Freidline 4 1424
No New Posts System Tabs Explode!
With June's sale on SoftWashSystems.com soft washing chemicals one unique thing has happened. Several soft washing professionals have been ordering chems by the pallet. That's 30 containers per pallet. What they may not have realized is that they recieved 30 System Tabs that way as well. That is 3...
AC Lockyer 0 1315
No New Posts We are about to hit 300
It's been a great first year. I didnt know quite what to expect. 300 members in basically one year is HUGE. This has been a completely professional, drama free place for soft wash pros to discuss issues that are important to us. I will be watching to see who number 300 is going to be, balloon drop and all.....
AC Lockyer 8 1548
No New Posts Just Delivered, Pat Clark, Precision ProWash, Greenville, SC
Enjoy your new SoftWash Systems Cradle Skid Pat! AC  
AC Lockyer 1 1163
No New Posts Spring Season Specials Closing & 6 Month Guarantee!
Happy Memorial Day Weekend!    Just a note that the Spring Sale we have been running for the roundtable / seminar season will be closing Thursday of next week on May 31st. After then SoftWash Systems TM Cradle Skid Systems currently selling for $4,999.00 will be returning to the normal retail price of...
AC Lockyer 0 966
No New Posts Show Us Your Fully Rigged Truck w/ SoftWash Systems TM Cradle Skid
Here is Gorilla Kleen's new rig!
AC Lockyer 9 5000
No New Posts Stacked!
We can deliver 4 systems at once by stacking them. Also they can be stacked with top ones ladder rack removed and set side by side in a u-haul truck. AC
AC Lockyer 3 1346
No New Posts Just Delivered, John Cloud Gorilla Kleen
This is Johns second truck in three months. He told me today that he has already completed $45k in business so far this month and HAD TO HAVE the second truck ASAP. One pic is from us picking up his and another system at the manufacturer. I believe he got the truck cheap and the system was purchased at Softw...
AC Lockyer 0 1252
No New Posts How Hot Spray Helps Save Your Truck
New Video About Hot Spraying Your Truck. AC
AC Lockyer 3 1286
No New Posts Just Delivered, Tom Dale, Summit Roof Cleaning
Well this is a Gen 2 SoftWash System TM Patent Pending Cradle Skid that Tom Dale just picked up last night. It went soooo easy. Sid it right into his truck. Centered the system, closed the tail gate, pulled it towards the gate to confirm the seal. Drilled 4 mounting holes in the Cradle Skid arms. Installe...
AC Lockyer 2 1113
No New Posts Just Delivered, Eric Hemming of Ocean Waves.
Eric Hemming with Ocean Waves came down last week and picked up a Gen2 SWS Cradle Skid System from me down here in Orlando, FL. The Gen2 systems now have an update to the  patent pending cradle skid design that includes a removable / telescoping ladder rack. Now you can keep your SWS Cradle Skid equipped...
AC Lockyer 11 5568
No New Posts Something I learned about the Multi-Tap
Hey Y'all, I was cleaning a shingle roof the other day doing some training on a new SoftWash Systems Cradel Skid System. It was a simple shingle roof cleaning so as always I opted just to use the powdered bleach. As many of you know in order to get a solution of powdered bleach strong enough to clean a dirty...
AC Lockyer 0 1040
No New Posts Don't Even Need Your Own Truck!
The soft wash business is so great because with a movable system you can rent a U-Haul pick up for $29.00 a day or an Home Depot flat bed for $69.00 a day and be a weekend warrior until you get up the funding to buy a truck.  This system just stood on end with my son ballancing it and I backed the truck right up to...
AC Lockyer 11 1719
No New Posts Just Picked Up 5 SoftWash Systems TM Patent Pending Cradle Systems
This was a tricky drive back to the ranch! AC
AC Lockyer 2 1166
No New Posts SWS Cradle Skid
I'm looking to purchase the cradle skid, I was wondering if it will fit in a f150 short bed?  I believe the bed length is 5.5ft.  Also how does the injection system work?  I'm use to the one batch method, and I can't really see from the picture the injection system.  Also is there any other pictures beside...
Danny Cronauer 3 1550
No New Posts Tony Szabo's National Wash Authority SoftWash Systems Truck "spotted"
Looks like a SoftWash Systems truck made it to the PWNA convention after all. Thanks Tony for showing off one of our SoftWash Systems cradle skid roof & exterior cleaning systems in Nashville! Lary Hinkley, Tony and I assembled that system our selves back in April 2011. Looks like Tony is doing ni...
AC Lockyer 2 1501
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