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Forum: Soft Wash Stucco, EFIS & Dryvit Cleaning
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No New Posts Soft Washing Before Painting
HI everybody, I have a question I posted in the Certified Applicator Forum just before Irma hit, this post only had 5 views so I will cut/copy below. Aloha everybody, I have a topic I have wanted to discuss since I first learned about soft washing. Soft washing in preparation for painting. In my extensi...
Darryl Freeman 0 2470
No New Posts Marriot Exterior Cleaning Proposal
Hey all, question for the commercial SoftWash pros: I have the opportunity to bid on a Courtyard Marriot here in town. I responded to a request through Thumbtack for a pressure washing service, but pitched the softwash approach to the AGM. Met with her to walk the property today and as you can see from t...
Josh Agadoni 8 2919
No New Posts Commercial building cleaning in china town
Aloha guys, here is a small building we cleaned, thought it would be easy but  the stains were just to deep. we did let the client know this prior to the cleaning and they were happy that we were upfront with them and told them that we couldn't guarantee the building would look new again. This building is 2...
Chris Mozick 7 2699
No New Posts I need help pricing my first job please!
I have my first bid to complete and it is a big house. $444,000.00 house 3330 Sqft house Stucco.  The stains aren't real extensive, but the hole house needs to be cleaned. Particularly dirty by windows and metal light fixtures on the back of the house. The gutters are streaked up and it has 9 down spouts t...
David Harrington 17 4218
No New Posts Weep Holes Around Windows Can Be A BEAR!
I recieved an e-mail about this so I thought it was good to start a conversation over here.See attached pictures.This is going to be a combination of three things. One or many or even a combo of the below. 1. Fungal Surface Degradation,               The weep holes allow for excessive moisture to be c...
AC Lockyer 5 2428
No New Posts Ivy removed from stucco wall stains
Hi all!, need suggestions/recommendations for removing stain left by ivy removal on stucco wall (Sorry the customer provider pic is not the greatest) . Thanks in advance!
Steve Mazzuca 8 5561
No New Posts Soft wash video
Aloha, here is a clip of a small job we did this week. Hope you like guys.
Chris Mozick 4 2641
No New Posts Need Some help Mulch stains on Stucco
We were cleaning the  stucco on a residence the other day. We were having a tough time with the mulch stains. We hit it with a 3% mix,tried Terra Cllean,tried F9  which helped a little.  Does anyone have any pointers. Thank You for the help                                                             Richard Lamb     www.lambscu...
Richard Lamb 2 2253
No New Posts Downtown building?
Aloha, i have this small 2 story building located in the heart of downtown. Can anyone help me ?  Do I need a permit ? Should I do this one at night because of high traffic and pedestrians? Any help would be great guys.
Chris Mozick 3 2243
No New Posts Mt Hood Legacy Hospital
I met the maintenance director of Mt Hood Legacy hospital at a Gresham Chamber of Commerce event about a year and a half ago. About a year ago, he had us bid some flatwork, and we got beat up on price a bit, but I acquiesced to get my foot in the door. He was very happy with our work. I told him that he shouldn't p...
Brandon Vaughn 5 2713
No New Posts natural gas exhaust
A client installed a natural gas fire place with direct exhaust about 3 years ago. What is best way to clean the carbon.  They use it every day. I told them I would come back in spring.  Photo i
Tim Teed 12 7129
No New Posts Granite building cleaning
Looking to clean a granite building does anyone have experience or suggestions in the process? -- Edited by Gregg Giordano on Wednesday 17th of September 2014 06:46:37 PM
Gregg Giordano 12 2757
No New Posts One Restore/Copper
Ray how would you treat this copper on stucco with one restore.  dillution rate and what would you charge?  Its a very expensive home and I'm also quoting roof cleaning.
Tim Teed 8 2930
No New Posts Thinking outside the box
I know thats an overused idiom, but for the job Spray Wash is currently cleaning, that is exactly what we had to do. The Women's Pavilion is a four story building that is located on top of a four story building and garage at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital. It is one of the busiest places in Tallahassee. Wo...
Ray Burke 4 2359
No New Posts I Am Stumped
Please see picture attached. This is limestone on a school and i have tried everything to get the black streaks out. i have tried 12% sh with a little green wash. I have tried 4000 psi which only started to take the surface off. I have tried other asids and gutter cleaner. it looks like its black algae but...
Josh Scavetta 9 3379
No New Posts LA Fitness Building
Here's a quite large LA Fitness building that has a lot of algae and yucks growing on it. Some pretty deep black stains that have been neglected for years. Look for suggestions for pricing. On the half of the building, only about the top 3 feet are bad, the remainder is actually pretty light. I feel .20 pe...
Brandon Vaughn 21 4571
No New Posts Large stucco job
We are starting this project on wednesday of this week. I know in the spraying surfaces module, it says to use a 2% mix on stucco.  However, as the pictures show there are several different types of surfaces here and the stucco is not really dirty.  I was thinking of just using a 1% mix and on the few bad spo...
Josh Wills 4 2779
No New Posts Historic southern pacific railroad station
Hey guys I need to make a porposal on this building. It is real dirty all around! The roof will not be done due to leakage! How would you guys price this and what should I look for ? can somebody tell me what type of gutters these are thank y'all 
Alejandro Riojas 11 3237
No New Posts Stuborn Stains on EFIS at Piggly Wiggly - F9 maybe the answer?
Cleaned the grocery store front EFIS with a 2% and it cleaned up well except of the streaking below the sign letters. In fact it looks worse now that the surrounding EFIS is clean. I'm guessing that the stains aren't organic but corrosion from the signs. Plan to hit it with a 1to1 of F9 BARC and elbow greas...
Gregg Austensen 15 3525
No New Posts Hardiboard/Dryvit
Is Hardiboard and Dryvit the same thing? Or more importantly, is the cleaning aspect the same? I read a couple articles that lead me to believe they are similar if not the same, but read another article that suggested that Dryvit was actually a coating to go over something like Hardiboard. Now I'm conf...
Jeff Thompson 6 3090
No New Posts ASPHALT PARKING LOT NEW TOP COAT around my first stucco cleaning job.
I just got the job to clean this stucco building. Problem is it is surrounded by an asphalt parking lot that was resealed and striped this summer. All the rinse water and chemical will go accross this parking lot. Need advice on how to keep the chemical from discoloring the parking lot.  I had planned t...
Randy Ashley 8 4705
No New Posts Synthetic Stucco...how far is too far gone? (Preview)
Synthetic Stucco...how far is too far gone? Even as bad as this stucco was, it still cleaned up great! Used a 2.5% SH and green wash mixture, then cut pressure back on PW to removed the thick dead mats of alage and lichen in problem areas. Finished with a hose rinse of entire property.  Delighted with res...
Ray Burke 11 5737
No New Posts Dryvit recommends "softwashing"
Ray Burke 6 2664
No New Posts Stain on Stucco
I attached a photo of a stain along ground on some stucco.  We tried F9 BARC with no change.  We tried cleaning stain first before softwashing. Any ideas?
Tim Teed 5 2650
No New Posts Brick Wall
I am pursuing a potential lead.  Dirty brick wall approx 4' x 5,546'(approx 22,184 sf one side)  It will clean nicely.  It is along a few blocks and I can access along street.  The only plants around are grass on other side, and ground cover(pachasandra sp?) facing the street.  Using my softwash 1st ge...
Tim Teed 12 3635
No New Posts Bank Exterior looks like and feels like plastic?
Got a call yesterday to bid this bank building. I assumed it was a stucco/dryvet when I had drove past it previosly, but when I stopped today it's actualy like a hard plastic.. I assume I can clean this just like any other exterior with a 2%-5% mixture. Just wanted to get some opinions if others have dealt...
Mike Newhart 8 5073
No New Posts Hospital cleaning
enjoying a great Spring day and doing a little hospital cleaning with both my crews. It's a live garage and parking deck so that makes it a bit insane right now!! Sythetic stucco siding, cleaning up with a 20% mixture.
Ray Burke 2 4102
No New Posts Store sign cleaning.
I have a client who needs his grocery store front cleaned. The EFIS is straight forward but there's streaking on the lighted sign letters. Is SW effective and safe or should I avoid spraying them? I would think its okay especially if I follow with BW. Thanks!
Gregg Austensen 2 2307
No New Posts Avoiding paint damage
My question is, what are my options if i do a paint test and it fails? Realy wanna nail this one!
Laurie Benjamin 3 1995
No New Posts Pricing Guidance For Commercial Softwash
I've been asked to submit an estimate to clean the exterior of a 26,000 square foot, high traffic, retail building. Much of this work will have to be done after hours, possibly overnight due to the high traffic flow. This is my first foray into large commercial projects and I would appreciate some pri...
Bill McMahon 10 3530
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