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Forum: Soft Wash Equipment
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No New Posts Pump troubleshooting question
Good morning all, When I was doing my last job my pump started acting up.  It lost prime once in the middle of a job which it has never done unless it ran dry, but there was still plenty of mix in the tank.  I put a water hose to the pump input and push a little water into the pump as it runs and it always fixes it if...
Troy Layman 9 3469
No New Posts Looking for Opinions on Equipment
A.     I have been down streaming with a 4gpm machine. Mainly doing vinyl siding. I have been researching equipment to start softwashing.            I went to the Rev Camp in Jersey & did the Certified Applicator Course. I Really like the whole SWS setup but I still have some questions, comparisons , an...
Jim Marchioni 19 4250
No New Posts Thoughts on a used electric reel.
Starting to piece things together for a softwash setup.  Looking for deals to save some pennies right now, until we get some more jobs under our belts to upgrade to the bells and whistles skids eventually.  Been looking at reels to use, ordered a Liberty Hose Reel for $85 that will hold a little more tha...
Jason Watkins 4 1984
No New Posts New SoftWash Systems Pumps
I didn't realize that the new pumps have the pressure switch set extremely high.  My guys had been using the Everflo and we had to keep them turned up high to get distance and we had usually kept throttle valve closed and that it would shut off.  We can't do this with the new pumps.  If you keep throttle val...
Tim Teed 12 3742
No New Posts Inverter tripping
We have a 5KW inverter hooked to a bank of 5 series 27 batteries.  We have battery cables across the bank, and connecting the inverter.  8 guage, or so.  When we connect the bulk rinse pump to the inverter, it does not want to run.  Do we need to ground the inverter to the truck?  Any other suggestions on wh...
Jeffrey Kirby 8 3654
No New Posts To foam or not to foam? Softwash Foamer?
I got some roof snot coming to me soon. I'm hoping this will slow my mix down when I have to shoot from the ladders edge. How many here have used a foamer for roof wash and what success have you had with it? And does anyone know if there is a low pressure(softwash) or direct pump version of as foamer or do I have...
Texas Pressure Clean 21 6906
No New Posts Gen 2 for sale
 This is back up for sale as of Nov 1st 2015. Would like to sell it by the end of the month. Buy this now and sign up for softwashapalooza and get soft wash authorized.  Call 609-929-5812.   I have a gen 2 soft wash skid for sale. Has a brand new 12 volt pump, booster pump plumbed to a hose reel and all the other b...
Michael Derose 21 4188
No New Posts Cleaning Marble
Picked up this job cleaning marble from a contractor. Start Monday. Never worked on marble, but don't see why it would be any different than cement. So I'm thinking 4% mixture so do the trick. Sound about right? What about Roof Snot to help it cling to the ballusters? What kind of dwell time would you thi...
Jeff Thompson 30 3062
No New Posts The Home Depot Gun
Parts list is, 1/2 inch thread to 1/2 inch barb brass - 1 1/2 inch threaded PVC ball valve - 1 18" Grey PVC Sprinkler Riser - 1 (not all parts of the country have this part) A813 1/4" female thread to 1/2" female thread brass - 1 (in the specialty plumbing section of HD or Lowes) 40 / 20 Fan Tip must be brass, SS i...
AC Lockyer 32 9617
No New Posts For Sale: Soft Wash Business Opportunity
      As the old saying goes “when one door closes, another one opens”.  In this case, the door is closing for me and opening for you with an opportunity jump start  a Soft Wash business and do it  “ On the Cheap”.       If you’re on this Bulletin Board and preparing to launch, here’s your opportunity to be up...
Doug Shaffer 4 4154
No New Posts Gen III tank lids
Anyone have any suggestions for keeping Gen III tank lids from allowing liquid to slosh out the top? Tried the toy plastic ball hack with only limited success. (Try getting one of those out of your tank wet !) Difficult to maintain professionalism when rolling up to a customers home having SH mix spewi...
Steve Mazzuca 7 4848
No New Posts Difficulty in priming / using booster pump
The booster pump works when using the direct-feed from the supply hose to the pump.  When primed, and drawing from the tank, it gradually loses prime and the pressure drops.  This takes about 12-15 seconds, not immediately as though I left the valve open.  However, when I keep a supply hose attached t...
Jeffrey Kirby 6 2782
No New Posts Spray nozzles and tips (Preview)
Hello all, I would love to know what SH resistant tips and spray guns people use.  I have seen videos of people using spray wands with differing tips to reach different places and hard to reach areas, but then I've also seen guys use adjustable stream garden-type sprayers. If you have a spray nozzle tha...
western pa roof cleaning 21 5721
No New Posts Winter uses for SoftWash equipment.
I would like to hear from folks using there softwash system to apply de-icing products? I am interested in offering this service in the winter months to help keep things moving and reduce down time. I know some of you guys are fortunate not to have to deal with snow and ice. How many uses are there for your...
Dan Signor 37 5353
No New Posts truck bed tool boxes
Looking at tool boxes for the bed of my truck, for mounting my battery bank and charger, and the other side for carrying stuff.  Any advice on style/ depth/ door opening type? Thanks in advance!
Chad Eneix 3 2027
No New Posts Need another F250
I am in the market for another truck.  Preferred specs listed below: 2008 or newer Supercab (Crewcab ok, maybe) XL or XLT package (more than that is just more things to break  ) 6.4 or 6.7 Diesel Automatic 4WD White longbed NOT lifted 100K miles or less   If you know anyone selling one, think of me, please...
Jeffrey Kirby 7 2223
No New Posts Suggestions for water hoses
I had been using a Home Depot "contractor hose", but they already began to fail--connections come loose & leak when you tighten them.  J Racenstein has a 100 ft Goodyear hose, but it's listed as a hose for a WFP system.  Anyone use this hose as their supply & rinse hose?  Any other su...
Jeffrey Kirby 8 4667
No New Posts Accumulator
Any thoughts on adding an accumulator to the SWS skid. And go!
Jim Prom 5 2139
No New Posts New truck wrap idea for AC.
Found a new truck wrap idea for ya AC. Lol. Not sure how much this one would cost though. Lol. 
Shaun Harton 3 2065
No New Posts Tanks
I am looking for some tanks. What size tanks do I need, how many and do they need to be a certain grade for the chemicals?
John Moran 17 5908
No New Posts Helpfull formulas for pump sizing
Hey guys, I have some formulas from my old job that I thought might be useful for sizing larger pumps or helping to figure out suction head or your Total dynamic head . Granted I used these formulas for sizing large irrigation pumps, but I think if you use the same formulas on a smaller scale it might help....
Shaun Harton 2 2161
No New Posts Truck advice
I looked through old posts, but I thought I'd get some fresh advice.  My pressure washing company has operated out of 2 vans with water tank trailers and a F450 box truck for years.  I crammed a twin pump on to one of my trailers for the past few years.  I now have a SWS skid, currently in a trailer.  I am look...
Chad Eneix 6 2598
No New Posts Equipment for sale
I have come to a crossroad that has caused me to make a hard decision.  I am phasing out of the softwashing and continuing with my career path in another direction.  In saying that I am looking to sell all of my equipment as a package, including generation II skid, pressure washer, buffer tank, fall prot...
Mike Paris 3 2155
No New Posts 12v vs gas pump
I have a 50 gal agriculture sprayer that I use for non pressure cleaning. The hypro D 252 pump has quit on me and Its beyond re build. Do I get a new pump, or convert to 12 volt pump?
Jason Rapisarda 4 2536
No New Posts Is sureflow a good pump?
Hey guys, I found a sureflow 12v pump @ 3.0 GPM @ 45psi, is this going to work for me, or should I go with 1.8GPM @ 60psi. Thoughts. 
Shaun Harton 17 3871
No New Posts Operation Manual for SWS Cradle Skid
I picked up my system last week. Did not come with an operations manual. Is there one somewhere on this site And I just missed it?  
Doug Shaffer 3 1888
No New Posts Newest Truck Wrap (Preview)
Please weigh in on this design concept.  We are very excited to put this truck on the road.   We want to be sure the wrap gets all the attention it should! The back tailgate will be designed once the basics are addressed. Any input positive or negative will help us perfect this truck.       -- Edited by Steve...
Steve Salley 4 2059
No New Posts Which starter system is better?
It looks to me as if they are both competitively priced.   The #5401 Deluxe System, from http://powerwashstore.com/, is priced at $1265 and comes with:#5400  Complete Basic System Includes:Heavy duty 1/8" aircraft grade aluminum frame Dual 4.7 gpm 60 psi pump with Santropene and Viton seal...
Doug G 20 6359
No New Posts Starter set up
I am thinking of purchasing a Devlan 5800 pump kit along with the battery box set up from Pressure Tek. Any feed back about this being a good / bad way to set up as a begeinner?
Islander Pro-Wash 31 6028
No New Posts Sneak Peak at a FULL California Special SoftWash Systems Cradle Skid
Lookie, Lookie. AC
AC Lockyer 4 2068
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