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Forum: Let's Talk About Soft Washing.
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No New Posts How long does Lichen take to weather/die
Just did a rather large commercial building roof that is having a problem with seagulls on it. It is a metal roof. When we got up there I found that in a few area there was lichen build up. How long should you let the product  dwell. How quickly does lichen take to die?  I did a first coating of the roof with a 1...
Garon Buczynski 18 2807
Happy New Years to all Hope we all have a prosperous year ahead
Garon Buczynski 9 1413
No New Posts Sexy bleach proof shirts
Thought I'd share these great shirts we picked up. We now use these as our standard uniform. In our window cleaning division, all my guys wear tucked in branded polo shirts with neutral pants. I wanted to carry that over into my SoftWash business. After a couple attempts at some diff fabrics/and style...
Brandon Vaughn 9 2180
No New Posts flagstone pavers
hey guys, bidding a job with Arkansas flagstone pavers with grout a patio, the grout has the black stain, will 4% work good, and fast on this area? It's down the street from my house and the houses around it are real dirty, would be a good target area. NEED PROFESSIONAL ADVICE!!!!!!!! Thanks, Red C
Red Chandler 6 956
No New Posts How can you accelerate mold/algae growth?
I put this together for the home improvement show I do in March. There's some siding, trex, wood and shingles.Is there anything I can do to make it turn nasty faster than letting Mother Nature take its time? Idea here is to have a before and after display for the show. I'm also thinking I waited to long to d...
Jeff Thompson 13 1854
No New Posts What type of stain is this?
Hey everyone.  The new owners of this restaurant called us and wants an estimate on cleaning up this brick/patio area.  The black stuff looks like it has come from the restaurant itself over the years.  Have you guys cleaned anything like this before?  Thanks!
Josh Wills 4 630
No New Posts Gear for next year
I am going to be moving in the direction of disposable coveralls for next year. I am scoping out prices and products now though. I can find Tyvek suits for $3.67 and I can find decent substitutes for $2.31. Who here has experience with the Tyvek suits and how long should I expect the crew to get out of them?...
Zach Maynard 17 632
No New Posts Bleach Wash on a roof
I've read posts where bleach run off from a storm as caused issues with plants and grass. Why don't we neutralize the roof after washing with BW to prevent any run off issues after we leave the job site?
Jeff Thompson 9 484
No New Posts Appreciated help from Softwash ProStaff
My cleaning time was taking way too long.  AC suggested I give Pat Clark a call and go help him for a couple of days.  Pat helped me tremendously. I just did a house (gutters, brick, vinyl, not roof) in half the time it was taking me before.   I wanted to thank Pat and AC for getting this slow poke started!     -...
Chad Peal 2 354
No New Posts Wow.
I have to take a second and say something to all of you guys. I've been on forums, I've been involved in various business networks/cooperatives in the past. But seriously - you all are an awesome group of guys. I feel so blessed to be a part of this business, and am truly humbled by the generous support and...
Brandon Vaughn 1 348
No New Posts CH residue disposal
How do you get rid of the leftovers?  After my first batch I have a paint sock full of undissolved crap.  About a softball sized glob.  I don't think it has much chlorine in it.  It seems more soapy and fragrant than bleach.  I'm still hesitant to just put it in the trash can.  Any thoughts on what to do with...
Matt Taylor 3 398
No New Posts Business Pros!!!
Alright folks there are a lot of new folks here including myself that want to know how did you obtain your first customer? Was it passing out flyers was it a meet and greet with property managers or was it door to door sales etc???
Alejandro Riojas 14 610
No New Posts Back when you began
I was thinking this might be an interesting thread, especially for the new(er) comers to roof cleaning. This year I really wanted to pursue roof cleaning hard, but my other services kind of slowed me down and found I could not put as much effort into roof cleaning as I wanted to. Planning on getting thro...
Jeff Thompson 17 579
No New Posts How would you wash this roof
You can always tell a newbie to roof washing when they ask this question....How would you get up to do a roof like this with all those peaks? Can't seem to find a place where a ladder would work. The only thing I can think of is a lift.
Jeff Thompson 18 724
No New Posts The hits just keep coming
The other day I posted some photos of a tent cleaning we did. The customer has called us back to do more work. One of the photos is of a indoor basketball court(concrete painted floor) that we already did a test(see photo4) on with soft washing. We'll rinse it off with our presure washer. In addition to...
Hank Timmermann 5 447
No New Posts Client Management system
Hi all I think I have found a software system that could help small business. I have been looking for software to help me run my business for about the last 2 years. What I wanted was it to be able to be in the cloud with my techs having mobile devices so I could track my technicians, know what products and amo...
Garon Buczynski 0 343
No New Posts Gas Station Canopies
I have done these before using a 3% mix but i still had to scrub some areas, is it some thing i did wrong?.. I heard that it would be difficult for our method to clean soot/exhaust/hydrocarbon staining....anyone here familiar with these type of jobs? advice would be greatly appreciated to improve...
Laurie Benjamin 1 372
No New Posts Presentation
Hi All I am doing a 10 minute presentation at a networking event and I was wondering if anyone has done one before and can give me a few pointers. Does anyone have in their hands a list of benefits to using the softwash method? Thanks in advance Garon  
Garon Buczynski 4 391
No New Posts Boat Cleaning
I've been asked if our systems can clean boats out of the water. Anyone has thoughts and experience with this? Can I use SH and then blwach wash fiberglass? Or are there other chemicals I can use and spray with our system?  BIG MONEY with local yacht dealer. 
Matthew Spyker 7 443
No New Posts Negative affects of SH - Aluminum Deck?
Has anybody cleaned anything aluminum with 12.5% SH and GW. I have a possible job to clean an aluminum deck and was wondering if SH has any negative affects on aluminum.
Peter Blau 4 379
No New Posts stripping a deck tomorrow
Stripping a deck tomorrow and I start loading up my deck supplies including a shurflow I use to put on my stripper and brightener...then I think I have this new fatboy on the back of my rig and it should work fine. What are your thoughts out there about me running Sodium Hydroxide and then Citralic throug...
Jeff Thompson 3 355
No New Posts How much BW per gallon?
I've read the thread before but cant find it now. How much BW should you use per gallon when doing composite decks or houses? I have been using 1-2oz pr gallon????
Jeff Thompson 10 432
No New Posts Time Management
Hey guys just looking for some input. Its been a GREAT! spring and ROOF RESCUE is deluged with work. We are about to unveil our second truck in the coming week and the weather has been AWESOME! Here is the issue, as sole proprieter and only "lead tech" currently how do you guys manage your time...
Matt Lancaster 11 481
No New Posts Reading PA lead
I have a lead in Reading, PA.  looks like a small ranch.  PM me if you are interested
Tim Teed 2 327
No New Posts Environmental Saftey
I have been asked to bid on a college campus, mostly roof cleanings. The campus asked for some proof of enviromental saftey sheet. There not sticklers but something to show. I use the soft-wash products because I can say they are biodegradable but is there any HARD data that anyone has about enviromen...
Danny Cronauer 16 683
No New Posts Ready to go
Well I have totally revamped the way I think and approach cleaning. Got my Fatboy set up for roof and house washing. Bought GW, BW, PW, F9 and BT200. Still keeping the Hydro Tek for pavers and concrete.....and for a high volume rinse for siding and decks vs a garden hose. From reading the posts, the softw...
Jeff Thompson 7 392
No New Posts One man show
How many of ya'll have cleaned roofs alone? Can it be done with just one person? How about house washing, can this be done alone if your help bails on you?
Islander Pro-Wash 27 658
No New Posts Gutter Discharge Hose
Does anybody use those PVC lay flat pool discharge hoses to direct gutter discharge? Do they hold up well to bleach? Thx! Gregg
Gregg Austensen 14 895
No New Posts Homes on wells
We hope to be up and running by May 1st. Our imediate service area is the resort community of Smith Mountain Lake in southwest Virginia. Some very affluent neighborhoods, but most all of the homes and business' in our area are on wells. Does anyone have a similar situation and how do your customers feel...
Bob Riddick 6 394
No New Posts Solar Panels???
We have solar panels popping up here all over the place.  I haven't had to clean around them yet but I have a a bid coming.  Has anybody dealt with this issue and if so how do you handel cleaning them or around them without the mix causing problmes?
John Finch 16 490
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