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Forum: Let's Talk About Soft Washing.
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No New Posts Half of a roof?
Potential customer " Only half of my roof has the stains, why can't you clean half of it for half the price ?" The more I get ready for spring the more roofs I find. I'm sure I will encounter this question from a customer. How do you guys handle that question? Thanks in advance.
John Smith 3 386
No New Posts White aluminum corrugated warehouse
Did a white corrugated aluminum siding job today with a 2% mix. The results were less than satisfactory at the top 5ft and the overhead where the roof extended out about 4ft. The dirt build up in this area is seems typical for having not been cleaned for twenty plus years. Looking through the old post, so...
Mike Wedge 8 423
No New Posts General Gutter Cleaning Fees
Just looking for a general feel for how to charge for gutter cleaning. Obviously I clean the debris out prior to roof cleaning but what due you guys charge for removing tiger stripes when you have to use gutter grenade etc.   Thanks!   Gregg
Gregg Austensen 4 433
No New Posts Another source of business
Ran into one of the areas bigger builders today that I know from my inspection work. I had one of my Ecosoft shirts on and he asked what it was. Neddless to say he was very interested. He does alot of remodeling and said he could really use my services to help blend in new roofs with the existing ones. This wa...
Gregg Austensen 3 388
No New Posts Playgrounds
Hello everyone -    I was wondering if anyone has ever cleaned a playground before?  I am attempting to go to a few schools this week, but I have no idea how to price it?  Any ideas? and if so - have you been able to get a monthly contract?
Jason Mariano 0 354
No New Posts Funny thing happened today
I am on my way home after cleaning a roof and sitting at a red light. This guy ask me to roll my wind ow down and asks me if that non pressure roof cleaning stuff really works.  I told him yes and he said he been reading a lot about that guy in florida. I said what guy in Florida and he said that ackyear guy, and I sa...
Doug Rucker 3 371
No New Posts New System
If money were not an issue what would be your choice for a complete system. What would you put on the dream cleaning machine.
Dan Dykstra 4 632
No New Posts Feeling out the competition ( or lack therof)
I was researching possible competition in my area. So far I have only found one company but they are out of my area. It seems they use RR and a power washer . Their main claim on their website is "  This process will not harm your roof, plants, or animals. NO BLEACH IS USED IN OUR OPERATION BECAUSE IT DA...
John Smith 4 443
No New Posts soft wash vs pressure wash
I see a pressure wash guys all over the place that are fans of soft wash (real nice guys too, they welcomed me and my questions). The two would seem to be oppsites.   Do I need a pressure washer to soft wash?
John Finch 22 874
No New Posts Stubborn Stains
I 've done a few jobs with some stains that looked like GM left behind after cleaning. With extra solution they never budged. Has anybody ever come across stains that could not be removed? If so were you able to figure out what the actual stains were? And did you figure out how to remove them?
Peter Blau 12 572
No New Posts For AC - probizguide.com ?
Sorry if this thread is in the wrong spot. AC I was on your http://probizguide.com/ site and all of the links/pages have nothing on them. Is there a special sign in procedure to access them?
Peter Blau 1 313
No New Posts Information
Seeing as it is the off season up here in Michigan I have been going back over every post that is on this community fourm. So much great information from and for everyone. Every time I go through I learn something new. Thanks to all who post here, you are all a big help to all of us.
Dan Dykstra 2 314
No New Posts Extensions...... Do you need to get Way Up There....
Do any of you guys have 3-4 story homes to wash? Have a hard time getting up to the peaks? I have been working allot in Charleston SC, and the homes are Taller than what I am used to in my area.  Here is my solution to getting up high with a soft wash  cleaning setup. I have a QC on my ball valve, and on my extensio...
Chris Madden 7 2109
No New Posts 12V Drain & Alternators
ok here's an opportunity: our 12V sytem current is set up as follows: (2) Deep Cycle Batts for the following equipment on the trailer Delavan 5850 Electric Hose reel (high pressure line)40 amps 12V 3/4" Burner (forget the amperage as I type this) Now here's my problem- current 5 point harness is...
Ryan Freidline 12 883
No New Posts Not pleased with results on first cleaning
Hey guys, Would appreciate any input on why this cleaning was not as dramatic as I expected. Stains were moderate to heavy. I used a 4% of CH (200oz in 50 gal of water) with Greenwash. I hit the roof twice plus a third time on the heavy areas. As you can see I still have a lot of stains (oxidized mind you but sti...
Gregg Austensen 10 474
papa 0 331
No New Posts Roof Multipliers
I went to measure the apartment complex today. They have 8 buildings. We hand measured 9 seperate roofs on one building. After measuring the one building by hand, I did L x W X multiplier. The multiplier I found online for 7/12 is. 1.274. Someone I asked said 1.66 which made a rough difference of 1,000 sf...
John Smith 4 403
No New Posts Found this bid request online for my local gov't building
Thought this might be of interest to everyone. This was from 2008 so I don't think I'll get it. I have no idea who actually one the job but if it was based on cost the softwasher got it. Main price was for the large center building and the option was for the two wings to either side.   -- Edited by GAustensen on...
Gregg Austensen 7 402
No New Posts SoftWash Systems Authorized Professionals "Boardroom Meeting"
What did you miss at the first SoftWash Systems Authorized Professionals board room meeting last night? Become SoftWash Systems Authorized,http://softwashsystems.com/page_SoftWashAuthorized.htm Join the board meetings, http://www.instantpresenter.com/PIID=EB51DE86894A Thank...
AC Lockyer 0 344
No New Posts Its Spreading Rapidly! Gloeocapsa Magma
I was flying over Dallas Ft Worth yesterday and saw these two noticable areas where GM had attacked. I fly into Dallas and or drive through 3 or more times each year for the last 20 years. Until about 5 years ago there was NO sign of GM in the Metro Plex. Now it is on the north and western facing exposures of mo...
AC Lockyer 5 401
No New Posts ...Against the Competition
Good afternoon ladies & gents: I have a unique  opportunity coming Thursday night to speak at an HOA with a couple hundred residents listening to the following companies: 1.  The A-Team (us) 2.  Roof Glo 3.  NOVA Roof Cleaning (this guy recently converted from using a pitch witch to straight che...
Ryan Freidline 8 421
No New Posts Soft-Washing Astro Turf?
I have been pondering all the surfaces that I can clean with my soft-wash rig. A big one that comes to mind is an astro turf field... think about all of that athletes that sweat and bleed on the field. Does it ever really get clean? Or do they just let the rain rinse it away?  If there are any bodily fluids in a...
Danny Cronauer 11 426
No New Posts stucco failure
Hey guys, Has anyone ever heard of "stucco failure" ? It has been described to me as when the stucco was improperly mixed and mold starts growing on the inside and works it's way to the outside. Then you have to have your home restuccoed. Hoping to talk with homeowner to see how this problem wa...
Gary Wilkerson 1 332
No New Posts Let Us Spray SoftWash Supports and Salutes Dan Cathy, CEO of Chick-Fil-A
We dined at and supported Chick-Fil-A today to support their CEO's right to his Christian beliefs, thoughts, and speach.  Just because we do not agree with the lifestyle of a mere 1% of the American people and their behavior does NOT mean that we HATE them as people and human beings!!!! We hate the sin...
Mark Fermoyle 6 493
No New Posts Hose Management
I just wanted to share a tip on Hose Management. Do you guys ever get your hoses tangled and twisted together. It is a pain to undo 200'-300' of hose. It also cost you money when you have employees spending time at every job untangling  hoses. I have a "system" I use at every job.  I have 2 hose re...
Chris Madden 3 617
No New Posts A Place to put your wand when not in use...
Were does your wand lay on the truck when your finished with a job? Mine just laid in back of the truck, leaking SH mix all over till I came up with a quick fix. I used a piece of PVC pipe with an end cap on it. Ok..... now I found after a week of the SH solution building up in the tube, My QC and nozzles  were gettin...
Chris Madden 1 360
No New Posts Window Spotting
My guys cleaned a roof and some of the over spray got on windows.  It was southeast exposure and I'm guessing they didn't keep it rinsed well, and there was spotting.  They went back and sprayed with bleach wash, then scrubbed with soft bristle siding brush and rinsed.  There is still some streaking. ...
Tim Teed 4 408
No New Posts SoftWash Authorized Decals Are Ready
AC Lockyer 0 329
No New Posts Painted Hardi Board
I have a 2800sq ft, 2 story, hardi board home to wash this week. It's a fairly new home, built in 2007. It mostly has built-up dirt on it but the corner verticals are wood and have some mold on them. As usual,, lots of plants and other vegitation around the house. The paint is gray and it looks like it's in gre...
Paul Freeman 21 525
No New Posts It's A BOY! (Preview)
Noah Trey Clark, 5lb 14oz born friday 
Patrick Clark 9 1648
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