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Forum: Final Wash
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Sticky Topic STICKY: Hose End Sprayer For FINAL WASH
AC Lockyer 25 30028
Sticky Topic STICKY: Instructions For Use - Bleach Wash (closed) (Preview)
This is the product labeling.    -- Edited by AC Lockyer on Saturday 26th of November 2011 10:56:03 AM
AC Lockyer 1 4627
No New Posts stone and pvc moulding
hi folks     ive attached a pic below and am wondering if its okay to softwash. the home is a rare built and a little nervous to use sh and solution. please send me your thoughts.   thank you.   the entire home is constucted with this finish.        
Gary Bola 2 2813
No New Posts Can Final Wash bind with oxidation on vinyl siding?
I've had a customer with vinyl siding recently.  When I washed the house using a 1.5% SH solution, once the rinse water had dried the southern side showed a lot of chalking and streaking. (which I know is common on southerly exposures, especially with cheap contractor-grade siding)  I re-rinsed it t...
Mark Fermoyle 6 3945
No New Posts Bleach Wash and Windows
I am really having a hard time accepting the idea of putting cheater wax or a wax of any kind on windows. I hate trying to clean hydrophobic glass with deionized water, give me hydrophyllic glass, anytime! Can I just rinse the glass with the hose half of the "Y" then rinse the rest of the sidin...
Vic Irish 12 4119
No New Posts Soft washing O'ahu
Aloha everyon! Sorry it's been a while but we have been super busy and haven't had time to post to much but here is a short demo of a house we washed yesterda.  https://youtu.be/CoTxONc4Q9I
Chris Mozick 0 1983
No New Posts gilmour 362 hose end sprayer
Question: When using this model hose end sprayer to apply BW, what setting should the dial at the top of the sprayer be set on? Thanks... 
Mark Fermoyle 37 12258
No New Posts Interior gutter cleaning
Aloha, here is short video of inside gutter cleaning only. The management company only wanted to get the trees and rubish out of the gutters even though we suggested the whole house package (lol)  https://youtu.be/ZTDvNIEoe_Q
Chris Mozick 3 2588
No New Posts Dropping in to say aloha
aloha everyone! Just dropping in to say hi and to say this year we have been blessed with landing the City and county of O'ahu's bus stop contract. If We do a good job this can lead to a 5-7 year deal with our state. We have been working 7 days a week since June 1st and still are. Thank everyone for all your help...
Chris Mozick 5 2820
No New Posts Any suggestions guys!
aloha guys any suggestions on this roof and this building guys. Looks like it part metal and some areas are copper. The building is historic and id like to see about what mix if I can clean this building.
Chris Mozick 1 2294
No New Posts PPW doing commercial car washing
Chris Mozick 7 3176
No New Posts Solar panel and window washing with a Waterfed pole
Aloha guys just want to show you some of our window and solar panel cleaning accounts. We use a di tank and a Waterfed pole. Plan on upgrading to an ro/di system by the end of the year. Hope you enjoy.   http://youtu.be/ROPYCQOcb8E
Chris Mozick 5 2635
No New Posts Merry Christmas
Merry x- mass and Happy New Year to all from Paradise Pressure Washing LLC. We hope everyone has a great year next year.
Chris Mozick 3 2383
No New Posts Soft washing vinyl siding
Aloha guys, we did a house this week on the side of the interstate. This house was covered in road grime, we at Paradise Pressure Washing take pride in our work and had to hand scrub this house with a soft bristle brush and our house mix.
Chris Mozick 7 5500
No New Posts Need help asap
aloha guys and gals I have a fire station demo to do in a week and I don't have greenwash. The station is just dirty no mold what can I use to land this job without having to spend an arm and leg on fast shipping. I have fire Cheif and a lot of important people watching so I need to be careful what to use. I was thin...
Chris Mozick 9 3573
No New Posts Any suggestions on this metal roof and rock walls
aloha guys have a metal roof to do but scared of this one I informed the customer that there is a potential paint damage under this mold and moss. Also any thoughts of how do this wall fast. the roots are deep I'm going to have do pull a lot of the big roots out by hand. Time consuming.
Chris Mozick 15 4838
No New Posts Need help AC
I landed a huge realtor account this week and have done 4 estates this week alone. Today I was doing this one and there is a stain they said that no one has been able to get out. Any help would be great I've tried SH, purple power and a few other things but I don't want to get to aggressive and damage this stone o...
Chris Mozick 10 6022
No New Posts Homeowners worst nightmare
http://youtu.be/WBcHkJCsXLY Aloha everyone I know it's a little early for Halloween , but I thought I'd show you the most scariest trailer you'll every see. Hope you enjoy.
Chris Mozick 8 8177
No New Posts Final Wash
At the risk of sounding stupid, am I correct in assuming that "Final Wash" is the new name for Bleach Wash?
Mark Fermoyle 1 3510
No New Posts Does anybody wash commercial vehicles.
My name is Chris and I have been softwashing for a couple of months. I had a customer interested in me softwashing his bread truck/or like a FedEx truck . has anyone ever used softwash to clean like that before. Or what would be the best way to do it.
Chris Gilder 5 3421
No New Posts 2nd and 3rd stories reaching
how do you guys reach second and third stories with bleach wash. thank you
Matthew Haugh 9 6458
No New Posts Pure water pack
So I got the east coast demo unit. It's got all the bells and whistles. I got a new TDS meter and checked my house water- approx 682 (I didn't know ratings went that high, LOL.  I ran some  water through my RO. & carbon filters, it was just under 80 ppm.  i ran some thru the 2nd hose reel from the DI and it wa...
Steve Dobson 0 2341
No New Posts Gilmour all purpose sprayer (362)
I purchased this hose end sprayer for the Bleach Washing, and i was wondering if anyone else has also? Should we set the dial 0n 2 and just add 2 tablespoons of Bleach wash in the bottle and thats it? no mixing? Thank you!   Dwayne Im pretty sure i saw Matt Lancaster using this in a video. -- Edited by Dwayne...
Dwayne Ard 5 3626
No New Posts Gilmour Sprayer
What setting are you guys finding is working best for applying your BW through the Gilmour sprayer. Please specify teaspoons or tablespoons.  Thank you :)
Jim Prom 4 2703
No New Posts Rinsing Bleach Wash?
Good Morning Everyone, Feel a bit stupid, but don't want to assume either.  When we use BW as an upsell on a vinyl sided home, do we rinse anything after we apply the BW (i.e. just the windows)? Also, when you use it to neutralize the bleach on a deck, do we rinse the BW off of there too? Thanks!
Mark Fermoyle 37 21098
No New Posts Spigot Adapter for Bleach Wash
Is anyone using a spigot adapter for the 5-gallon bleach or greenwash jugs? Looking for a way to get more accurate measurements instead of trying to manhandle 5-gallon jugs into a measuring cup and dumping product.  I found these 70 mm natural lids with 3/4 threaded spigot adapter but don't know i...
Matthew Spyker 8 6085
No New Posts Bleach Wash application
Can I use a pump up sprayer to apply the Bleach Wash to my truck? It would be more convenient if I could just grab the sprayer and apply instead of setting up a garden hose with a hose end sprayer. Thanks guys.
Zach Maynard 9 3619
No New Posts Neutralizing our pumps at end of day
Question: After a successful day of slaying GM I always run 5 gallons of BW mix through my pump, hose, and tips to neutralize the affects of the SH.  Once the system is filled with BW and allowed to circulate for a minute or so, should we then follow up with clear water to displace the BW, or can we allow the B...
Mark Fermoyle 12 9396
No New Posts Don't Spill The Bleach Wash
Don't Spill The Bleach Wash Here is a great idea that Dave from Palmetto Softwash did. I saw these on his truck when he visited my house a few weeks ago. These are 3/4 thread brass garden hose valves. See attached pic. AC  
AC Lockyer 1 2385
No New Posts Bleach Wash Addition
Is anyone or has anyone comtemplated with the idea of using a seperate system (pump/hose/tank) for applying bleach wash? I am thinking about purchasing a cheap pentaflex pump, 200" of poly hose and rig it to a 35 or 40 gallon tank I can fit onto the  front end of my SWS skid. I love the results of the b...
Matthew Spyker 6 2949
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