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Forum: Soft Wash Safety
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No New Posts 2016-2017 New OSHA Rulings on Fall Protection Systems
Jeffrey Kirby 1 2735
No New Posts roof safety
Safety reminder. We did a job yesterday maybe 4/12 roof pitch. My guy gets on roof to check pipe boots and a quick look over as she is selling house. He goes maybe 10' and slips. It was a shingle over and the shingles slid loose. It was on a 10' x 10' area and the shingles were high nailed. The wind must have lif...
Tim Teed 0 1824
No New Posts How-To Install Roof Anchors on a Tile Roof
There are situations where you cannot clean/treat an entire tile roof from the ground - cleaning gutters, cleaning roof debris, brushing extra moss - here's a short video showing how to install roof anchors to safely walk a tile roof. Stay safe out there!!! ...
Brandon Vaughn 3 2252
No New Posts Eye Wash Stations
I'm shopping around for an eyewash station to mount in the truck and also small eyewash bottles for the guys to carry in their pockets. Where are most of us mounting or storing the eyewash stations and first aid kits in the trucks?  
Jason Heath 3 2146
No New Posts New Workers Comp Page Linked On Every States Page in Listing
AC Lockyer 2 1877
No New Posts MSDS Sheets
Here is a collection of MSDS sheets I hope you guys find useful. These are of products I use or have used in the past.   Chris
Chris Madden 4 2787
Poll How many people actually wear a mask?
Do you wear a respirator?  Pushing SH every day, and AC's modules, would make me believe we should. But every video I see, every job I watch....no one is wearing one.....not even employees. So...poll attached....do you wear one?
Doug G 17 9241
No New Posts Cougar Paws
I was reading where some of you guys use COUGAR PAWS. (Josh) I was looking at them but after reading the literature about the "pads " only lasting a few jobs @ $30.00 a pair I thought that was possible worth the return BUT the unknown, walking in a 4% SH solution. (they don't talk about that) Do t...
Matt Lancaster 12 5126
No New Posts Safe Working Load?
I just received 160' of poly rope (Rope King) from Amazon for about $38. Just noticed that it says "Breaking strength is not considered safe working load (SWL) limit." Does that mean I had better not use it for harness on roof? I don't plan to lead any horses up there ... http://www.amazon....
Vic Irish 13 3407
No New Posts Safety close calls.
I think its a good idea for all of us to post any close calls or any safety reportable. Injuries . This way we can all learn and understand the route cause of the safety issue, so we call help prevent any re-occurrence. The other day when one of my lead guys was lowing a fully extended 24 foot ladder the roa...
Eric Hemming 7 3335
No New Posts weather
im doing three jobs this weekend and there might be rain and windy. I haven't had to worry about it tell this weekend. so I would like to know can I work in a light rain, 20 mph winds, and whats the coldest you can work at( for future info). thank you guys
Matthew Haugh 2 2187
No New Posts You are being watched, and you don't even know it!
    Had two recent occurrences happened to me that I wanted to share with the community. Two weeks ago my crew was out doing the curbs for an HOA.  A gentleman rolled up in a car and asked to speak with the project manager and inquired about our workers comp insurance. He happened to live in that neighborho...
Ray Burke 1 2832
No New Posts must see video!
Go to the  5:30 mark of this video and prepare to be amazed!!!! (and not in a good way) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ewbG622wYiY -- Edited by Ray Burke on Wednesday 5th of June 2013 10:06:51 PM
Ray Burke 11 5687
No New Posts Storage/transport recommendations of CH, and BW in smaller amounts??
Hello, I was looking through the discussions for information on the correct, safe and recommended ways of storing small amounts of CH, GW, and BW at home outside. I see many discussions on 55 gal drums or larger vats etc. I do not have a garage. And second question deals with transport of small amount s...
Jeff Newman 2 1991
No New Posts Safety bonuses anyone?
JUst throwin' it out there to see if any one gives them out or not. Being an ironworker by trade I know that safety is an everyday all day thing. This is driven into our heads constantly because complacency in the workplace is the #1 cause of accidents on the jobsite. We always do a weekly drawing for a gi...
Matt Jennemann 5 1988
No New Posts To Lift or Not To Lift, That Is The Question! (Preview)
Hello!  We are facing a great problem of having to do many large, very steep roofs.  (Oh darn, right?!) I saw a picture once on this or one of the other forums of a company that has a box truck with a lift built right on the top of it.  Since I saw it that one time though, I have not been able to find that pic again...
western pa roof cleaning 31 9832
No New Posts That's a long way down
A pending demonstration this coming saturday prompted a survey of the clients property. The property is large with as many as thirty buildings for potential cleaing. We walked and measured out the cabins , centrally located on the property. Surrounding them are a pool house, a stand alone coffee sh...
John Smith 4 2452
No New Posts Anyone else suffer from this??
Just wondering.  The past two seasons, (the last part of last year and started again this year), I've broken out in a poison ivy/oak type of rash.  The itching has been driving me berzerk!! As an EMT, I've eliminated as many possible causes as possible.  i.e. laundry detergent, foods, medications, c...
Mark Fermoyle 11 5933
No New Posts Working Together
-- Edited by AC Lockyer on Monday 7th of May 2012 02:31:53 PM
HDS 9 2750
No New Posts Fall Positioning System - GET IT RIGHT!
AC Lockyer 0 2167
No New Posts Using your fall positioning system!
New SWS YouTube.com video. Thanks, AC  
AC Lockyer 2 2089
No New Posts SH jug leaked...
...in my barn. Here's (one of the reasons) why I went to 55gal drums for chems. This is a brand new building I built from scratch a few years ago. Now, I need to put a new chunck of floor in it. The 2nd pic is a closeup of the damage. If you're storing SH in jugs you get from a pool place (I was using 2.5gal jugs), i...
Paul Freeman 1 2069
No New Posts New OSHA 3 in 1 posters out...
Seems the new focus is surviving armageddon.   AC  
AC Lockyer 0 1847
No New Posts Employee Safety On The Road (Preview)
Patrick Clark 1 2738
No New Posts OSHA Small Business Handbook
Here is a good reference piece for Safety minded Business owners.   Chris
Chris Madden 2 1754
No New Posts Safety Emphasis Gets Jobs!
We've been emphasizing Safety to our clients and it has landed us numerous jobs. We recently landed a 23,000 square ft. Project to clean two fire station roofs. The fire station chief said numerous other companies approached him to do the cleaning. We were the ONLY company to emphasize fall protecti...
Moldbuster 1 1826
No New Posts Roof Cleaner Falls and Dies
Found this over on PWI,  Roof cleaner falls 100 feet to death in NE Indiana(0) 1:55 p.m. CDTMay 17, 2011BUTLER, Ind.— Authorities in northeastern Indiana say a 27-year-old maintenance worker was killed when he fell 100 feet from the roof of a building and his safety harness f...
AC Lockyer 4 2276
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