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No New Posts   Slate Roof Cleaning & House Softwash in Bryn Mawr, PA by the Roof Wizard....

November 22, 2017

The Roof Wizard washed this huge, 31,000/SF home in Bryn Mawr, PA recently. We softwashed everything from the slate roof, stucco sides, marble railings and fountains, blue stone walkways/patios and even the 2500/SF Guest house. It was our largest residential job ever, both in size and price. It took two crews a full five days to complete. The job was based on a referral from a large commercial project we cleaned last year and will hopefully lead to some more of these monsters.

No New Posts   Roof Cleaning Apartments in New Jersey with The Roof Wizard Drone Video!!

July 23, 2017

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No New Posts   The Roof Wizard Project Pictured in eClean Magazine.....

February 9, 2017

The Roof Wizard project for softwashing The Westchester Mall, which is also posted here in another thread, is pictured in the new edition of eClean Magazine. 

Here is the link:


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No New Posts   The Roof Wizard's Ad in the Hammonton Gazette for Breast Cancer Research and The Cure Bowl.....

March 26, 2017

Here is an ad we ran this past week promoting our partnership with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and the Cure Bowl. We are offering a discount off invoice to our customers who are willing to donate to the BCRF. It is a great way to help and to give back. If you are not on board with the Softwash Systems Network commitment to the cause, you should be!!

No New Posts   Softwashing The Westchester Mall - The Roof Wizard....

October 22, 2016

It's been a while since I posted, things have been crazy busy (business & personal) and just now starting to get my head above water. I posted a mock up for this job back in May, and we actually cleaned the mall in June, but I am just getting around to post some pics. It was our largest project to date and took six full nights (10PM to 7AM) to complete in full. The last time they had this building cleaned was 10 years ago and it took them three and half weeks to complete. We were the second highest bidder this time around, but our schedule of work swung the award of contract our way. We softwashed the entire project, all sides, except one major chain department store. We used over 1100 gallons of SH and it took 8 crew members and 3 to four rigs running the entire job. We rented multiple light towers and two lifts, one for each side. A 135' lift and 80' lift. It was easier to rent two lifts and not drive them around the mall with the crazy safety set up for traffic regulations. The mall was extremely dirty with emissions and a ton of mold. Some areas of the precast actually had moss growing on it. The owner and GC we worked for were very happy and hopefully we will get some more work from them, as they own over 250 malls and outlets in the US. Our contract was a small piece of a large $117 million dollar renovation that has just now been completed, but it made the mall look new again.

No New Posts   Robert Wood Johnson Hospital Foundation Parking Garage Exterior Cleaning...

August 22, 2016

The Roof Wizard's crews softwashed and cleaned the exterior of The Robert Wood Johnson Hospital Foundation Parking Garage yesterday. We also did the interior walls of the top floor and a demo on the administration building. The project is all precast and was very infested and dirty. The proper mix of soaps and degreasers was necessary because the walls had large amounts of algae, but also years or emissions build up as well.  

No New Posts   US Coast Guard-FRC Building Bird Pooh Cleaning in Cape May, NJ...

July 28, 2016

The Roof Wizard crew cleaned this brand new metal standing seam roof and metal wall panels on the US Coast Guard training center in Cape May, NJ today. The building is only 3 months old, but the Seagulls have started to roost and leave behind some nasty presents. The roof had a good amount of pooh on it, and was cluttered with bones and shells. The seagulls pose a large problem with the roofs on this base, as we have been cleaning other roofs here for the last four years regularly. The metal roof manufacturer requires the roof to be cleaned, or the Kynar paint finish warranty would be voided. We have four more metal roofs to do this summer and the birds never stop making a mess. For this particular building the contractor, from Minnesota, had the cleaning in his contract as a punch list item. 

I also wanted to snap a pic of the non-penetrating roof anchor point we use on standing seam metal. It is in the last pic and just clamps to the high seam (Don't get confused with the pointed lightning arrest rod behind it). 

No New Posts   Macy's Store Exterior Cleaning in New Jersey with The Roof Wizard....

July 23, 2016

The Roof Wizard was contracted to clean this Macy's Department Store recently. We cleaned the entire store, that is also attached to a very busy mall, in just 9 hours total clean time. They had hired a different contractor after the initial bids were sent in, as we were the highest bid of the five they received. The Roof Wizard was the only bidder to submit a softwash process proposal, all other bidders were using high pressure and lifts. The low bidder was only on site for one day, and his contract was terminated by Macy's. They only completed half of one side and left thousands of wand marks on the precast walls. The noise was also a big issue too, because the loud gas engines were disrupting the Macy's business inside the entrances and they had many complaints from customers. Our crews softwashed the entire building in 9 hours total, including set up and breaking down, four different times. We used very little Green Wash, but lots of Terra wash, because it was mostly emissions and debris on the precast. We also went through just under 300 gallons of SH. We have bids into five other Macy's stores, and hopefully will be getting contracts based on the results at this one. 

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No New Posts   The Roof Wizard Softwashing EIFS at Princeton University....

May 22, 2016

The Roof Wizard was contracted to clean one of the Admin Buildings at Princeton University. They did not want the use of any pressure, due to the age and the condition of the EIFS. We used our softwash method and a blend of Greenwash & Terra Wash to remove the mold and other debris with less than 50 PSI. The results were more than satisfactory and we have been asked to quote three more buildings. We also cleaned all the exterior windows with our DI/RO system. 

No New Posts   The Roof Wizard Commercial Building Cleaning New Jersey....

May 18, 2016

The Roof Wizard was contracted to clean this administration building in New Jersey. We softwashed the entire precast building and all the entryways. We also cleaned all the exterior windows and curtain wall entrance. The project was just over 50,000/SF of precast and 450 windows. They owner was having a large corporate event this week and we only had one day to do the job. We utilized all our crews and worked on site for 14 hours, used 400 gallons of SH and  had a total 2300/LF of hose laid out. 

No New Posts   Warehouse Cleaning New Jersey....

May 13, 2016

Here is a warehouse that we softwashed this past week for property manager. We also did the one next to it yesterday as well. Lots of grease and dirt, and a little algae. They wanted it cleaned but did not want to use any pressure, because the building has had some leaking caulk joints. We sprayed the majority of the building with a 2% mix, but bumped it to 3% for the one really nasty side. Lots of degreaser(Terra Wash) in the mix and the booster pumps were a huge help, since we only had two water sources. 

No New Posts   Solar Panel Cleaning with Terra Wash in the cold & wet Northeast Spring............

March 25, 2015

This afternoon we cleaned approximately 600 solar panels on a strip mall in Voorhees Township, New Jersey. The weather is a little crazy this time of year in the NorthEast and it was a cloudy 44 degrees with rain off and on all afternoon. We typically use DI water and water-fed poles only to clean solar panels, but roughly 100 panels were surrounded by exhaust vents, from a restaurant below. These panels were caked in grease and needed an extra special touch. We used a Terra Wash, applied with our Gilmour Bleach Wash applicator, and let it sit for about five minutes. The we rinsed with DI water and then gave then a final scrub with DI and a water-fed pole. The grease melted right off and they looked new again. Attached are some pics. It worked so well, we went ahead and sprayed the other 500 panels also, before scrubbing. The owner of the strip mall was present and was so impressed, we signed a maintenance agreement for three cleanings a year. He also requested a proposal for the entire strip mall exterior and sidewalks, plus a quote for his house & roof. HI house and roof are around 5500/SF. Just another example of the versatility the SWS product line!!

No New Posts   Verizon Building Softwashing in Freehold, NJ..........

November 30, 2015

Last week The Roof Wizard's Crews softwashed our largest project year to date. I bid the job back in April, and after consistent follow up, they called me the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and gave me the PO. The only stipulation was that it had to be done before Thanksgiving, because they are going to be putting a sealer on the entire building, as soon as we finish. The project was just under 100,000 SF of limestone, 16,000 SF of equipment screen and 12,000 SF of sidewalks. We also cleaned all the exterior windows and skylights using DI water and poles. We jumped on it Monday morning and wrapped up, in the dark on Wednesday night. The temps never reached 50 degrees the entire job and every morning we started spraying when it was around 27 degrees. At one point, the hose reels froze and the mix was actually freezing to the building and flaking off as snow. It took us three days with three crews working every hour we could, and we finished on schedule. We used just over 700 gallons of SH and two and half cases of pixie dust. 

Only downside was the deer I hit on the way home Wednesday night, that wrecked the front end of my truck. It also went under the 40' lift I was towing and almost made it jump the hitch. 

No New Posts   Brick Softwashing the Cape Bank, Hammonton, NJ......

September 12, 2015

The Roof Wizard cleaned up the Hammonton Branch of Cape Bank this week, before they have the official "Grand Opening". The building is 50+ years old and constructed mostly of brick. The property manager did not want any cleaning method could knock out or damage the old grout. After a small softwash demo, a few weeks ago, we got the go ahead last week. As you can see the black mold and algae was built up for years on the North & West sides and along the sprinkler line areas. We also cleaned the drive thru canopy and concrete islands, with a softwash process. The concrete had some minor rust stains, which F-9 made easy work of.  

No New Posts   New Jersey Graffiti Removal - Pennington School, Pennington NJ....

July 29, 2015

It's not softwashing, but I thought I would share some other exterior cleaning that is out there for us to fill up our schedules. And it is kind of softwashing, because no pressure washer was used at all.

Here are some pics of a small graffiti removal job we did recently at the Pennington School, just outside of Princeton, NJ. Most calls we get for graffiti are on masonry surfaces, but this was a little different. This is a new construction building on the site and the areas tagged were some of the parapet walls, on the TPO roof system. The inside and outside of the AC Units, on the metal and plastic surfaces. And also the interior of one AC Units duct work. We use Taginator on masonry, so we used their product or smooth surfaces, Tagaway. It worked like a charm and we applied it with spray bottles and wiped with rags. Some areas took a little more elbow grease than others, but we cleaned it up like new. 

No New Posts   US Coast Guard Training Center - Bruckenthal Hall Softwashing, Cape May New Jersey.....

July 21, 2015

The Roof Wizard recently softwashed all the on-site housing, Bruckenthal Hall, at the US Coast Guard Training Base in Cape May, New Jersey. We cleaned five separate buildings, totaling a little over 16,000/SF of EIFS. One of the main reasons we were able to work on this base, is our "Good Stewards" pledge to the environment and our ability to produce MSDS sheets and job specific data sheets. The entire complex had all the windows replaced and re-caulked earlier this year, and they were concerned about using any for of high pressure cleaning. Our softwash process was exactly what the USCG was looking for. 

No New Posts   Cedar Roof Cleaning Stone Harbor New Jersey....

July 23, 2015

Today the Roof Wizard softwashed and restored this cedar shake roof and house in Stone Harbor, NJ. The homeowner is putting the house up for sale in the Fall and wanted it to look it's best. We washed the roof, house, three Mahogany decks, the Travertine tile pool deck, paver driveway and the windows. We used Wood Restore on the roof after rinsing the softwash solution, to neutralize and condition the cedar shakes. The results beyond the homeowners expectations and they will hopefully sell the house easily. 

The best part of the day was when a local property manager, who only manages million dollar ad higher houses, stopped by and watched our process for three hours. He explained that he has over 30 houses on the island that he is in charge of, and most of them have cedar roofs. Until today, he was basically telling the homeowners that the roofs could not be cleaned safely, without damage. He provided me with 16 addresses for estimates and is looking forward to breaking the great news to the homeowners, that we can clean their roofs. He said the truck wraps caught his eye and then he circled the block to get a better look at what we were doing. 

No New Posts   Avalon, New Jersey Tile Roof Softwashing...

July 16, 2015

The Roof Wizard recently was hired to softwash this multi million dollar home, in Avalon NJ. The homeowner is putting the house up for sale in a few weeks and building another one across the street, about 100' closer to the bay. They had the roof pressure washed 18 months ago and were not happy with longevity or the amount of concrete residue runoff. The owner had to drain their pool after the last cleaning, due to the amount of concrete chunks and red pigment that had run off into it. The Roof Wizard crew was able to minimize and divert the runoff, with our softwash process, which consumes about 1/3 the water of pressure cleaning. We fought the on and off downpours of rain, and the constant 15-25 MPH winds, which is pretty typical on the Jersey Shore. As you can see in the pics, the roof was extremely infested, for just being washed 18 months earlier and the results were a dramatic change. 

No New Posts   Hilton Garden Inn Dryvit Cleaning in New Jersey...

June 14, 2015

This past week the Roof Wizards' crew softwashed a Hilton Garden Inn. It was not that dirty, except for the bottom 5' and around some windows, but Hilton has a franchise agreement that all franchise owners must uphold. The buildings need a professional exterior cleaning every two year, based on region. The owner and GM were very pleased and asked us to quote another five hotels they own. We were in and out in about six hours and did not need the use of a lift. The biggest help was rinsing with fire hose from the hydrants. They are the ultimate booster pumps!!

No New Posts   Need More Room

June 19, 2015

I just got this rack and its been a huge time saver and helps keep our techs back from getting hurt, no more lifting the power wash out, yeah

Harbor Freight sell the "Wheel chair & scooter carrier" for $179

They are running a Father's Day special, you can get a 20% coupon (good on any one item) online


No New Posts   Camden County Police Department, Camden NJ Softwashing.....

May 2, 2015

Yesterday The Roof Wizard's Crews softwashed the Camden County Police Station building in downtown Camden, NJ. It is a fully functioning police station with over 200 employees in side and the cities Central Booking inside. We started early and only disrupted one door at a time, to allow for flow of constant pedestrian traffic. We softwashed the whole building and cleaned all the windows. We used a 2% mix on three sides and a 3% on one side. One of the biggest challenges was keeping all the windows closed, as the employees inside wanted them open, with nice Spring weather. We were in and out in 6 hours flat and had time for a company lunch outing. It was nice to bond with the guys on a Friday afternoon and talk about things other than work.

No New Posts   Wildwood NJ Condo Association Softwashing..

April 25, 2015

This past week The Roof Wizard's Crews cleaned the exterior of this 12 unit condo complex in Wildwood, New Jersey. Once again, the radically changing Spring weather in the NorthEast was cold (48 degrees) and windy (35 MPH). Typically we can softwash to the top of these three plus story buildings from the ground, but not with those winds. We had to use our SWS water-fed pole attachment to get all the way up, for most of the building. The front of the building with all of the balconies was a challenge. Another issue, with most shore towns, is water pressure. We made fully use of booth booster pumps, which helped us complete the project in just over 8 hours. 

No New Posts   Verizon Corporate Headquarters Softwashing in New Jersey....

April 25, 2015

This week the Roof Wizard's Crews softwashed a corporate office HQ, for Verizon. It was cold, and extremely windy, but we were able to get the project scope of work done in one day. The building was fully functioning and had approximately 1500 people in and out all day, including deliveries to the loading dock and an entire army of Verizon Corporate Officer's in for meetings. It was probably our most difficult job to date, with respect to pedestrian and auto traffic, and dealing with a constant 25 MPH wind. They are having a Corporate party for all the Verizon big wigs here next week, in the courtyards, and wanted the building to shine. We used a 2.5-3% mix with Green Wash and the results were terrific.    

No New Posts   Atlantic City Police Athletic League Exterior Cleaning...

April 25, 2015

This past Monday The Roof Wizard and crew help out with the UAMCC "Wash With Us" initiative. To help kick off the UAMCC event in Atlantic City, we donated our cleaning services to softwash the local Police Athletic League. A few other UAMCC contractor also helped out and cleaned the Boys & Girls club, just up the street also. As you can see from the pictures, the building was dirty and in need of a good bath. The building was mostly Dryvit, with some concrete panels and split faced block here and there. It all cleaned up nice and even Senator Jim Whelan stopped out for a visit and to show his gratitude.

No New Posts   Metal Building Softwashing of Plagido's Winery in Hammonton, NJ..............................

April 13, 2015

Last Friday The Roof Wizard's crews softwashed a local winery, Plagido's Winery, which was infested with black mold. I got the call from the owner as a referral from another winery owner, who's building we cleaned last year. He explained that his customers have been commenting on the nasty black mold on the building and he needed a solution. He was very concerned about using too much pressure and had not done a real cleaning, since the winery was opened in 2007. We softwashed the entire building, in two hours, first thing in the morning, so they could open at noon and not cause a disruption in business. We then went next store and softwashed the owner's roof & house. As you can see from the pics below, the winery is clean from the black mold & algae.

No New Posts   Roof Wizard & Habitat for Humanity help Hammonton mom's dream of accessible home coming true.....

March 5, 2015

The Roof Wizard - Roof & Exterior Softwashing has been blessed to be involved in a charitable project with the Atlantic Count Habitat for Humanity and approximately 20 other contractors and suppliers.  Single mom Yamile Mendez works at a bank, does tax preparation, and waitresses one day a week. But with three children, one of whom has special needs, it’s been difficult to put aside enough money to renovate her Central Avenue house to accommodate a wheelchair. Her 12-year-old son Erik has cerebral palsy, a neurological disorder that affects muscle coordination and movement. He can't be bathed in her regular tub, so relies on sponge baths. She gets a lot of help from her 17-year-old son Danny in caring for Erik. A senior at Hammonton High School, he carries his 89-pound brother in and out of the house, which has no wheelchair ramp. 

Now John Aloisio, The Roof Wizard-Roof & Exterior Cleaning in Hammotnon, NJ is part of a coalition of supply companies and construction specialists who will donate some supplies and all of the labor to put a handicapped accessible bathroom and tub off of Erik’s room, as well as a new exit door and wheelchair ramp. They will also raise the floor to his bedroom, which is in a former porch and requires a step down. We plan to start work this month, but still needs some funding for building supplies.

Donations may be made on the Habitat for Humanity Atlantic County web site atACHabitat.org or checks may be mailed to Habitat at P.O. Box 443, Pleasantville, NJ 08232. Please write “Mendez project” in the memo area. There is also a Friends of Erik Mendez Community Project page at facebook.com/eriksfriends.

The article above and pictures attached are from Press of Atlantic City & The Hammonton Gazette.

No New Posts   Bonus Day in February!!

February 5, 2015


We had a brief break from the freezing temps yesterday. It actually reached 46 degrees and sunny. The Roof Wizard took full advantage and did a cleaning for the U.S. Coast Guard, at the Cape May, NJ Training Facility. we soft washed the Galley building and surrounding sidewalks, and also cleaned the exterior windows. We got to show off the new Green Wash packaging as well. 

No New Posts   EIFS / Dryvit Cleaning.......

January 9, 2015

Here is a small office building that The Roof Wizard washed a few months ago, that was completely infested with mold, algae, dirt & emissions. EIFS (Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems) and Dryvit and brand name of a type of EIFS are delicate and thin. These surfaces are extremely porous and can hold moisture, which causes mildew to dwell and breed. The use of high pressure is not recommended by the EIFS manufacturers, which make the softwash process a perfect solution. This particular building had not been cleaned in over 12 years and was becoming and eyesore and a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. Our blend of Softwash Systems solutions and cleaning agents provided a 100% kill ratio of the unsightly fungus and dirt, while keeping the integrity and finish of the EIFS undamaged.  

No New Posts   Marriot - Hanover, NJ Softwash....

October 25, 2014

The Roof Wizard was contracted to clean this Marriot in Hanover/Whippany, NJ, this past week. The project was a challenge with the hotel being extremely busy and booked out solid every day. The building ranges from 8-11 stories and only a lift could be used on one and half sides. All the other sides are surrounded by the 20,000/SF conference center, which also was booked solid. The 78 balconies were a task in themselves. We softwashed the entire building Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday which put us a day ahead of schedule. The hardest part was dealing with the extreme wind, rain and 48 degree weather on Wednesday. The surface was a Siloxane coated EFIS, which was infested on two sides pretty bad. The hotel management had two other quotes from local pressure washers, who said the project would take a minimum of six days, and they could not assure them that the coating would not be damaged.

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