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Forum: Plant Wash
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Sticky Topic STICKY: Hose End Sprayer For Plant Wash
Plant Wash is a granular, water solable fertilizer that has been engineered to fortify plants after sodium hypochlorite and or sodium hydroxide cleanings. Special note hose end sprayers for use with dry products do not have feed hoses that pick up the products from the jar. Hose end sprayers for dry...
AC Lockyer 25 7681
Sticky Topic STICKY: Instructions For Use - Plant Wash (closed) (Preview)
This is the Plant Wash product labeling.
AC Lockyer 0 3544
No New Posts Advice on treating azalea damage, please?
Just finished washing the roofs on 30 condominium units a couple days ago and received a call about some dead azaleas.  I went over to look at them and found some other azaleas that appeared dead as well at another building. As you can see by the pictures attached, the cambium layer on the stems is still b...
Mark Fermoyle 3 4660
No New Posts Roof Runoff System
I may be overthinking this.  I haven't done many roofs and those I did had concrete on the ground in most cases. In my area there are a lot of roofs with 8/12 pitch and no gutters.  I am concerned about the runoff hitting the grass and burning the grass, bushes and plants.  I can tarp or use plastic, but conc...
Clean Curb Appeal 4 3100
No New Posts New post on Plant Wash
After reading through some old posts on Plant Wash, some of them very old, I thought I would start a new post.  I am doing some plant and property protection re-training with my guys today.  We have had two incidents with some plants.  I have the recommended Ace sprayer, and we are going to follow ACs dir...
Chad Eneix 21 11697
No New Posts Plant Wash
How many pounds of plant wash do you use on average per job? say a standard 2,500 sq. ft. ranch home.   figuring out all my costs and investments for a new guy starting a soft wash company.
Leon Lapp 4 2983
No New Posts Plant wash
Got some plant wash in Tampa and I love it!!! I run multiple crews occasionally and it has given me the added security of knowing my guys are going the extra mile in protecting from potential damage! Give them a sprayer full after the rinsing is done with instructions to not come back till it's empty. I am...
Ray Burke 16 4942
No New Posts basic soft wash system design
Wishing to see options that I can build and use while doing my lead tech modules
Laurie Benjamin 2 4048
No New Posts Plant Wash Revives Plants
My wife loves to buy plants for home HD or LO's. Especially if her parents are coming over or friends for dinner.  She has to get plants to "dress up" the deck. She'll water them and keep them looking good for about a week and then poof, nothing. Last year she bought serveral Poinsettia's for t...
Doug Rucker 6 3923
No New Posts Need help with softwashing this building.
Can anyone help me out with this one,I'm putting in a bib for softwashing a building surface ara24,960 sq ft and extended roof 2880 sq ft.Is there a way to find out how much chemical I may need to use to get the surface clean and % mix . It will be my first job if I get it so I'm asking for some help here. Its a st...
Nigel James 4 3420
No New Posts finding plant wash
Christopher LaGrasta 4 3412
No New Posts Stained wall
I tried out the Plant Wash and an Ace sprayer a couple days ago. Thought I would treat a bunch of yellow spots in my yard where our female dogs like to pee over each others pee.  Hit my plants too, while trying to use it up, but also hit my stucco house.  The purple doesn't want to come out.   My question for the...
Vic Irish 7 3231
No New Posts Glad I have Plant Wash for jobs like this!
Interesting picture, in one shot I've got four of the most bleach sensitive plants out there. Nandina, ferns, roses, and Boxwood. On jobs such as this it really pays to give extra attention to landscaping and use your plant wash even though you're only using a .5% mix on the vinyl.
Ray Burke 7 3447
No New Posts Half dead plant
Got a call from a homeowner who's roof we cleaned in April of 2013, he wants me to come out and replace a plant in front of his house that is half dead, he thinks my roof mix killed half the plant last year. This is a small flowering annual, may cost about 15.00 to replace but I am pretty sure that if we were to ki...
Dan Dykstra 10 4135
No New Posts 6% or 12% Sodium Hypochlorite
Hi Guys,             Let me start by saying I have leant alot on this forum about the Softwashing business thanks guys,I'm from the Isalnd of St.Lucia,it's in the Caribbean and I'm the first to introduce softwash to the Island.I got my system from Powerwashstore.com and Bill has been a great help. My...
Nigel James 6 4799
No New Posts Ordering plant wash next week.....but
I have been very careful cleaning roofs that have plants around the house. After about 20 roofs I haven't had a single problem. Last week I did a house with no gutters on the side of the house. I explained to my helper to never stop rinsing. It was a tile roof and the solution would come right off the roof. We...
Jason Temple 9 4154
No New Posts Going to be a big job, but the campus has concerns. Their greens.
All my stuff is here including the plant wash and we are ready to rumble....So its a very large job but before they award us the contract, management wants a formal letter removing their concerns of the chemicals on the grass and around the students..in case anything happens I am going to be at fault. Ca...
Laurie Benjamin 13 4624
No New Posts Plant wash application
After completing the entire job, truck is backed up and ready to go, I have to use the plant wash to go around the entire property again.  Pulling a hose along with me.  It sucks and is time consuming. Which raises a few questions,  1. Why can't i just broadcast by hand? Why do the leaves have to absorb if th...
Danny Cronauer 9 4419
No New Posts Killing of certain plans, loss of leaves after cleaning.
Hi All: I am new to the industry. I have done a couple of jobs. I have problems on two of the jobs with plants that were very close to or touching the house and a couple from run off. I used a 100 gal. total mix. = 15 gal of SH(12.5%); 64 oz green wash and the rest water. The one job was a full house cleaing - roof, si...
Kevin B 17 6271
No New Posts Directions for using a hose end style sprayer. (Preview)
Heard some of y'all were having a few issues getting the Plant Wash to come out of the hose end sprayer. Here are some tips to make the process flow smoothly. 1. Make sure the hose end sprayer is the correct type. DO NOT use the type that has a draw tube that extends into the cup. Use the type that uses water to...
AC Lockyer 0 3953
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