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Post Info TOPIC: Directions for using a hose end style sprayer.


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Directions for using a hose end style sprayer.

Heard some of y'all were having a few issues getting the Plant Wash to come out of the hose end sprayer. Here are some tips to make the process flow smoothly.

1. Make sure the hose end sprayer is the correct type. DO NOT use the type that has a draw tube that extends into the cup. Use the type that uses water to pressureize the cup and push the Plant Wash into a venturi pick up hole in the top of the lid of the cup.

2. Remove the cup from the sprayer and fill COMPLETELY with Plant Wash granules.

3. Add 2/3 water to the cup allowing the granules to settle and disolve. This will happen immediately. You will notice you now have more room for Plant Wash granuals. Add more.

4. Completely fill the rest of the cup with water and then screw the cup back onto the hose end sprayer.

5. Turn on your hose end valve and apply to plants. At first the purple Plant Wash will come out bright purple for a few seconds, then settling into a mildly purple tainted flow of water.

Now if you prefer to use a hose end sprayer that has a draw tube in it you can. You just need to pre mix your Plant Wash with water making a concentrait. You can easily do this with a 0ne gallon milk jug.

1. Find a funnel that has a LARGE hole. You can make one using a 2 litre cola bottle. Just cut the bottle in half. The spout on the cola bottle will fit into the spout on the milk jug. 

2. COMPLETELY fill the milk jug with Plant Wash.

3. Add 2/3 water to the milk jug.

4. Add more Plant Wash until the milk jug is COMPLETELY full again.

5. Top off with water and replace the cap.

6. Shake the contents stopping from time to time to crack the cap and allow gas to escape. You will feel the jug get cold from the chemical reaction.

7. Take the concentrait and pour it into the cup of the hose end sprayer that has a draw tube.

Some of these sprayers that have draw tubes also have dial style adjustment knobs on them. Be careful not to overuse the product. In the end the water should just have a slight purple tint to it coming from the sprayer and should be just noticeable to your eye.

Hope this helps!



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