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Forum: Green Wash
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Sticky Topic STICKY: SoftWash Mix Calculator 1.0
I field a lot of mix questions, especially for augmenting, because I use almost exclusively CH. So I thought it would be beneficial to create an Excel based Mix Calculator. Some of the ones I've seen are on the complicated side. So I made one - I named it 1.0, because I'm sure we will come up with some cool i...
Brandon Vaughn 19 15713
Sticky Topic STICKY: Instructions For Use - Green Wash (closed) (Preview)
Packaging Labels  
AC Lockyer 2 6543
No New Posts Slate Tile Roof
Hi everyone! I had a gentleman from All Brite Softwash call and inquired about cleaning a slate roof with greenwash. He has removed a black mold looking material but underneath is a orange non organic stain. We recommended F-9 BARC but he said it looks more like algae. We mentioned using agitation, he...
jesse 0 2198
No New Posts What can you clean with Softwash Systems products? How about a Tennis Court!!!!! (Preview)
Has anyone ever attacked a tennis court with a pressure washer? If you have you know there a two possible results: 1) possible paint damage which leads to resurfacing of the court, or 2) hours upon hours of back-breaking wanding that provides sub-standard cleaning.  Spray Wash Exterior Cleaning us...
Ray Burke 13 5594
No New Posts Newbie looking for a couple of mix answers
First i want to say i am so happy to have found this site. You guys have answered already so many questions in previous post by others and a newbie like me is very thankful. I have a few years in the exhaust hood cleaning side but have decided to start my own business but only soft washing and not exhaust hood...
rodney crutchfield 5 3118
No New Posts Augmenting Method for 3% Roof
30 gal mix my thoughts I don't know if I'm right or wrong but here we go.  21 gal water, 9 gal of sh, 90 Oz of ch, 30 Oz of green wash 
Samuel Alan 24 6838
No New Posts fence problems
hello everyone. i am softwashing my fence using a 2% mix with Green wash.  as i began to softwash it i notice a hint of orangish brown coming off the fence. Upon further inspection of my fence i noticed it has this white crumbly stuff all over it. if i scrub it with a brush it seams to come off but would take al...
Trent blanchard 5 2990
No New Posts Tile Roof Cleaning?? PICTURES
This customer wants this roof cleaned.... However I'm not sure it will look a whole lot better after I clean it. It almost looks like the finish has come off the tiles. I have never cleaned a tile roof before so i'm a bit hesitant to make any promises that this thing will look any better. Besides it doesn't...
Ethan Moore 4 2862
No New Posts Questions on service agreement
Just wanted to know what a majority of you guys on how you go about service agreements. Do you guys do a separate bill and service agreement or have them as one ? And what kind of usual disclaimers do you like to add in if any . If you guys could post examples of your s.a. ( not for me to copy but to get a general id...
Justin Vanarsdol 0 2295
No New Posts Phosphate free chems
I am curious about "foaming" my softwash mixes by injecting compressed air into the outlet stream. I have a device that will accomplish this but my question is, since all softwashing systems chemicals are phosphate free, will my mix still foam? As I understand it, phosphates is what give...
Ryan Harper 9 4278
No New Posts New condensed 6X Green Wash
I didn't see this posted, so I thought I'd put this out here for everybody.  Condensed Green Wash part number:  83-642 New 6X Condensed Green Wash - http://www.jracenstein.com/item/83-642/green-wash-​6x-concentrate-1-gal/ -- Edited by Troy Layman on Thursday 17th of March 2016 05:06:26 PM
Troy Layman 10 3934
No New Posts Three Dangerous Attitudes that Lead to Fatal Falls
if you have the time to read this you will find it interesting...may even make you think twice. .http://simplifiedsafety.com/blog/three-dangerous-a​ttitudes-that-lead-to-fatal-falls/?utm_source=Simp​lified+Safety&utm_campaign=d7d0d4ecc8-Three_Da​ngerous_Attitudes12_1...
Edward Yackenovich 9 8402
No New Posts How are you stirring your mix?
Just wondering how everybody is stirring there mix? Are you using the wand or a Agitator / Jet? If your using Agitator/Jet  Where's the best place to order one? how's it plumbed? Using a separate pump? Thanks Mike    
Mike Pasco 6 3076
No New Posts how would you clean these brown aluminum window frames
-- Edited by AC Lockyer on Tuesday 15th of September 2015 04:42:20 PM
Christopher LaGrasta 1 2846
No New Posts am I doing it right
32' 5"w x 66' 7" long x 9/12 pitch a frame 2 story house 3 dormers on the front and all they want done is the front so I think if I'm doing it right this is what I came up with 3147 Sq ft the whole roof and half is 1573 Sq ft and the roof is really black do we charge more or do we just charge the same 
Samuel Alan 15 4467
No New Posts Packing House Floors
Hi everyone ... newbe here. We are bidding a very large project involving greasy floors in a meat packing plant. Can anyone offer advise on this? What chemical, strength, anything you can tell me.   Bob Squeegee Squad - Omaha
Robert Baxter 1 2700
No New Posts how long
Alright I did my first roof today 2900 square feet took me three and a half hours is that too long not enough? the water pressure from the house water hose was only 40 psi I'm wondering somehow if I go buy a hundred gallon water tank that I can use my pressure washer to give me more pressure on the roof? Lookin...
Samuel Alan 24 5596
No New Posts CH
Ok so I did. House today, wood siding grey paint. Used1% from powdered bleach module, treated house approx. 1hr dwell time, rinsed with Bleach Wash through DPI module and then used bulk rinse to rinse entire house, i see patchy spots all over the house like powder, or the Bleach Wash was not distribute...
Jeremy Harrison 5 3010
No New Posts roof measuring
What is the formula to measure a roof without getting on it ?
Samuel Alan 6 3668
No New Posts mix with new chemical
I have 40 gal tank to make 3% mix is 120 ounce of ch and I don't know about the Green wash and the only SH I can find is 10 percent at $3.99 a gallon I guess everything is measured out 1ounces to gallon
Samuel Alan 8 3508
No New Posts waiting on my chemicals
I landed a job today the job is soft wash Cyprus siding house story and a half 2500 square feet I ordered the 4 pack gallons stuff and I picked up a 40 gallon tote with a 2.7 gallons per minute pump on top I have another customer owns a duplex and she's going to let me soft wash the roof only half of it so the rest o...
Samuel Alan 2 2336
No New Posts how long
How long does it take to clean a one story roof and a two story roof? An average sized one story roof in the two-story roof is cut up pretty good
Samuel Alan 6 2784
No New Posts maybe my first job
2500 square feet of Cyprus siding to clean and seal. Used a 3% mix for a test. Half of the house has Lycan I guess the two story house and they would like it cleaned and sealed so I'm trying to figure up a price I know I need greenwash but right now the funds are tight and I have enough ch may be to do the house but i...
Samuel Alan 14 4078
No New Posts setting up
Question I have a opportunity to get a 30 gallons container with a pump  2.9 gallons per minute it will cost me about 50 bucks and is one container ok or do I need two containers? I am about to order the sample 4 gallons in one gallon of wood restore
Samuel Alan 4 2470
No New Posts first try
First try on my roof and my fence. 2 gallons of water and 6 ounces of Ch and on the roof it ran off as fast as I put it up there
Samuel Alan 7 2836
No New Posts mix
how y'all doing guys I'm new to the site I'm just wondering I went to the pool place and they do not sell liquid shock all they have is ch at 78% how do you mix with a five gallon bucket
Samuel Alan 13 4068
No New Posts Liquid Chlorine
I am just begging with Soft Wash Systems and i'm trying to  do all my research... I hear you guys talking about Sodium Hyporchlorite. If I were to go to a pool store and buy liquid chlorine that had 12% sodium hypochlorite, is that the same thing that you guys are all mixing with the green wash? I need to kno...
Ethan Moore 16 11306
No New Posts Trex Deck Cleaning
Have a client who wants his trex deck cleaned. Is the soft wash system safe on trex decking material and what would be the normal procedure?
Leon Lapp 8 3491
No New Posts New Green Wash
Guys, So, perhaps I missed this, or perhaps I misunderstood.  Green Wash has a new concentration, and is 1oz:100gal, is this correct?  Really, I was paying more attention to the business stuff this year, and wasn't too concerned with products.  Figured I could take care of that later. If so, our inje...
Chad Eneix 4 2520
No New Posts GreenWash Popsicle
So I just discovered a container of GreenWash in my unheated shed... Yup frozen near solid. Is it shot or will it be ok?    Jess
Jesse Bracken 4 3882
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