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Forum: This Is My Soft Wash Rig
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No New Posts Pump modifications
Ordered a dayton booster pump from Ebay a few months back (ok maybe a year ago). I reckon it got dropped during shipping, as the frame was a little bent, but didn't pay any attention to it. It sat in the garage and was going to be used as a back-up one day. Well, "one day" finally came, and the pump...
Ray Burke 30 8373
No New Posts Lambs Softwash F 250 Wrap
Hello Softwash community            Wanted to let you see my new wrap, we also picked up a new F 150                                                Richard Lamb                                           Rehoboth Beach De     www.lambscustompainting.com  
Richard Lamb 10 3009
No New Posts New Flatbed truck setup, what would you do?
Hi Everyone,  I have been using a Tundra extended cab with an 8 foot bed for the last couple years and it serves us well. We have it wrapped like most of you out there, and as you know it really sets us apart from the other guys! ( SWS training at work)  However, when we get into larger production for multi fam...
Chad Haugen 9 3084
No New Posts Removing The Back Seat Of Your Extra Cab For More Room.
Hey Y'all, I am at Bob Riddick Roofing this week in VA. While there today we decided to ACize his newest of two SoftWash Systems trucks. One big issue was that they were carrying tooooo much in the bed of the truck. This not only causes unneeded clutter but it also keeps the truck bed from drying out and thi...
AC Lockyer 22 9348
No New Posts Early photoshop of my first attempt for you to critique
Ok let me have it! This is just photoshopp so now is the time for me to make any changes. Any and all sugg will be considere. - Roney  pop
Roney Conca 21 4984
No New Posts Vesta Wash Warehouse
Well not my rig really, but does this count as it is where I will be parking my rigs?  Last year we moved from my garage to a small warehouse where I could just park two trucks side by side with a SH tank in front.  Small office but not somewhere I would want to really work.  It was nice having a warm spot to park...
Tim Teed 12 8089
No New Posts Truck wrap design ideas?
Ok guys, so I know you all have ideas about truck wraps. I'm building one with Scott at adsonwheels. Will you give me your two cents on this idea? No promises they will get used but I would appreciate the feedback!  -- Edited by AC Lockyer on Tuesday 3rd of March 2015 08:29:44 PM
Chad Haugen 12 3567
No New Posts Water Dragon Re-Branding finally under way
I have been working on re branding with newer logos and such for some time.  I finally approved a logo, and am picking up a truck all wrapped and pretty next week. The logo was painstaking.  I had three different people work on something until I got what I wanted.  The initial design posted this spring on...
Chad Eneix 20 9228
No New Posts New SWS skid for the Roof Wizard....
Just put my second SWS skid in a truck this week. Pretty much the same as my original on my other truck, with the addition of the bulk rinse pack. Both will be in service this week and working in tandem on so e large commercial stuff. Trying to get my second crew up to complete speed and trained. Almost there...
John Aloisio 22 11699
No New Posts Wrapped Box Truck for Roof Cleaning (Preview)
I know I get bored and like to look at pictures of trucks/wraps/equipment etc... So here is our latest addition, its a 3500 box truck which we just had wrapped. Also pictured are the two other trucks that had been previously wrapped to match! Enjoy! Roof Cleaning Box Truck Wrap  
Lee Kendall 4 5416
No New Posts Thanks SoftWash Systems, The TruClean team had a great 2014 season! Thanks to AC and many here on the Board. :-)
Gregg Giordano 3 2626
No New Posts Snappy Pro Wash's wheels
I want to thank Alvin (Green Tiger) and David (Blue Flamingo) for dropping me off to pick this truck up during softwashpoolaza 2014.   AC helped me out a lot and Scott did a great job with Ads on Wheels. I just relocated so my wife can be with her family to Fort Myers, FL.  Starting from scratch but with a lot...
Chad Peal 14 3964
No New Posts Roofwash Exteriors First Roof cleaning.
Roofwash Exteriors completed our first ever roof cleaning today.  It was a commercial building right on a main road in Clare Michigan.  I'm so happy right now. LOL.  My wife was my ground guy, and I sprayed and rinsed " No gutters ".  This is a huge local electrician company that does a lot of...
Shaun Harton 13 4067
No New Posts First Softwashing Rig
Well guys, this is it.  It's not much to look at, but Roofwash Exteriors has officially kicked off the season.  This is my first Softwashing rig, it may be ugly, but so was babe Ruth, and we all know how that story ended.  I just wanted to thank all of you guys on this forum for helping me with everything I ne...
Shaun Harton 12 6732
No New Posts New Wrap
Spray wash exterior cleaning is pleased to unveil the newest member of their cleaning fleet....   and for inquiring minds, van cost 1900, the wrap cost 1600!
Ray Burke 8 3029
No New Posts What extra things do you carry on your truck.
I was wondering if there is a thread of the extra things people carry on their trucks. If not, what do you carry on your truck?
Jim Prom 11 3216
No New Posts New skid pricing and options
AC, I thought you had a link to the system base pricing and all the upgrade prices, can you post a link please? Thank you!
Jim Prom 1 2096
No New Posts Air Powered System for sale
I bought this system with a bunch of other restoration equipment in a going out of business sale I had a mechanic go through small engines to make sure they run equipment located in Lafayette, LA any reasonable offer considered
Huey Miller 2 2480
No New Posts Roof Cleaning Trailer setup 2014 (Preview)
Finally almost all the way back together.. Was able to clean my house today and get all the kinks worked out.. except for the snow tomorrow night.. Winterizing is such a pain! But anyways here it is..  
Lee Kendall 1 2337
No New Posts Pics of pressure washer damage
Aloha Gang,  Looking for any pics that show damages caused by pressure washing. I will be using them on my website and probably in my advertising. Any help would be greatly appreciated and I will share the finished product on the forum incase anyone wants to use it. Thanks Mike Wedge
Mike Wedge 8 3263
No New Posts Plumbing help for existing system.
Hey guys, I moved my used Softwash rig that I bought into the house to start replacing all of these metal fitting with PVC, and started tearing things apart, but I gotta tell ya, I am so frustrated.  I need some advice putting this thing together. I have never plumed anything like this before, and every f...
Shaun Harton 26 8442
No New Posts New Soft Wash Truck in Grand Rapids MI
Picked up the truck today from the company that does my wraps,  Just one thing missing, which will be installed next Friday. Until then it will be out and about town doing its mobile marketing.
Dan Dykstra 18 5129
No New Posts Blogs for linking out
Aloha guys, sending an invite out to anyone that has a good article, blog, video or faq page that they would like a link to. I have added a Blog to my website to help with SEO and am looking for professional Softwash topics and projects to add to my blog. Articles can be from anything that pertains to our ind...
Mike Wedge 0 2013
No New Posts Ocean Waves Soft Washing new Truck Wrap New School Surf Woody Cleaning Machine
Hello Soft Washers, Attached is before photo of my F150 before the new branding. The remanding photos is of the F150 with the new wrap and branding of the New School Surf Woody Cleaning Machine Also, for this season I added a SWS buffer tank and monted a extra 12 volt pump to the top with a hose wheel on the...
Eric Hemming 22 14895
No New Posts Inexpensive truck wrap !!
This should have been a " No Brainer", and was possibly mentioned before on here but it just hit my desk today. I, like most people, are using the winter to get our ducks in a row for next cleaning season. Being on a very limited budget I look for ways to cut costs. I inquired about getting my tail...
John Smith 1 2253
No New Posts Truck Wrap
Forgot to post a picture of a truck we had wrapped earlier this October! Here it is out by the front door of the home show!
Lee Kendall 10 3770
No New Posts Residential Parking ordinances
I want to get a wrap done on my truck but the city I live in has a residential parking ordinance that says no lettered or logo'd vehicles are allowed to be parked in the driveway (of your own home) ! I'm thinking about doing it anyways and fighting it in court if it goes that far....or maybe just paying the fi...
Jeff Thompson 11 3594
No New Posts On The Job - All-Clean! SoftWash
I got a call ON THE WAY HOME from picking up my truck from my wrap guy. I could see people behind me in my rear view mirror reading my tailgate and pointing. Then got a call 15 minutes later. Below are pics of it on the job. I'm not super happy with the way the tailgate turned out - I kinda rushed the design of it a...
Brandon Vaughn 4 2517
No New Posts My New Wrap Design!
I'm so stoked to get my truck wrapped. My local guy is charging me $1100 for a FULL WRAP with 3M Vinyl. Saweeeet! What do you all think of the design? Haven't put together the back yet - still need a great before/after pic for there.... My SWS skid is getting delivered tomorrow morning!! -- Edited by Brand...
Brandon Vaughn 6 2858
Well its finally done and ready to see here is truck #2 The 2000 Dodge as pictured before -- Edited by Matt Lancaster on Tuesday 28th of May 2013 03:30:21 PM
Matt Lancaster 9 5996
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