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Forum: Softwashing Misc. Surfaces
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Sticky Topic STICKY: Sandstone, lime Stone, Precast and other STONE Softwashing.
PAsoftwash LLC, Indiana, PA was called in to do this work at the last minute to make the home presentable for a very special family gathering this weekend.  Who knew it would SNOW this week. in Western PA! Despite the setbacks, we cleaned the patios, and limestone ballusters today.  The customer is ve...
Steve Salley 15 13595
No New Posts SH Reaction differences to Copper vs. Lead Coated Copper?
Hi all, I've been searching and searching and learning more as I go, but have reached the end of the search button road. I still have a couple questions about how the 3% SH will react. I've been called to wash a Hendricks Tile roof, which is no problem in itself. The issue is that it is a mansard style roof wi...
Mark Fermoyle 1 2554
No New Posts My first log cabin project
This is for another fireman I worked with.  He just retired.  I'm thinking 1.5% then rinse with fresh water?  It not only has mildew, but 5 year old CWF-UV. ANY expert guidance/suggestions are eagerly welcomed!!   Thanks, Mark
Mark Fermoyle 11 3820
No New Posts Toyota Dealership
Hey guys, I have a job this coming Sunday to clean a Toyota Dealer. Manager would like to have all the white painted aluminium cleaned, and have some questions that hopefully you guys can help with. 1. Would a 1% solution be suitable for painted aluminium 2.  Would I be able to reach the top without havin...
Curt Benham 3 1900
No New Posts Seeking advice on cedar shake
We don't have a lot of cedar shake in my area, and where I do have it, I have not marketed to heavily.  I have done some cedar plank siding to prep for staining, but have not yet tackled shake siding.  I received a call from a customer who recently purchased a home built in the 60's with cedar shake that proba...
Chad Eneix 31 8368
No New Posts Price check on sidewalk cleaning?
Could someone PM me an answer versus posting a price in the open forums please?   I've primarily focused on roof cleaning and house washing, but twice this week I've been asked to provide quotes for cleaning sidewalks, and I don't have a clue where to price this per foot.  I'm assuming this would be a ran...
Troy Layman 6 2479
No New Posts Any Way to Remove This?
I have a situation I am hoping someone can help with. We cleaned a house 6 weeks ago. Owner has not paid us and keeps coming up with reasons why. This week when I called him he said he just noticed these streaks on powder coated aluminum. Looks like my ground guy did not do his job.  We went the next day and tr...
Randy Ashley 1 1936
No New Posts Aluminum Questions
Hey Guys,   I'm hoping I have this posted in the correct spot since it's aluminum siding.  Anyway, got a call from a coworker of my girlfriend's to see if their house can be softwashed.  Over the phone she said that it was aluminum siding on an old farm house which had me thinking that I probably will want t...
Hayden Simonis 9 2474
No New Posts Mock Up on Ornamental Precast Mall....
Here is a mock up we did on a Mall job we have scheduled. It is precast and has a lot of curves and rolls, and is very infested and dirty. The owners wanted to see a demo and flew out from California to check it out before issuing the entire PO. We used a heavy blend of Terra Wash and multiple coats of 3% mix to cle...
John Aloisio 3 2321
No New Posts Three Rail Vinyl Fence
We will be cleaning about 1500' of vinyl 3 rail Fence around a horse farm.  They don't want any chemicals to be used around the horses and have a very large budget.  What are some alternatives I can offer besides our normal methods or pressure washing?
Tim Teed 3 2253
No New Posts Ballasted Roof covered in Moss
Anyone have any insight on the best way to treat a ballasted roof for moss? Can't use sh. 
Jesse Bracken 2 2124
No New Posts Stainless Steel
I have a client with a diner in need of cleaning. When the diner was built #4 stainless was used as sheathing on the diner itself. The sign was sheathed in #8. The sign is bright and clear where the diner has stains and is cloudy. What is the best product to clean up the brushed #4 stainless steel? Advice on c...
Jesse Bracken 5 2271
No New Posts Tis the season for gutter cleanin
Aloha guys this seasons has been crazy with gutter calls. We did one yesterday in the rain. This customer only wanted the debri removed so we didn't detail and wipe down the gutters. They were copper gutters that needed a little cleaning. 
Chris Mozick 4 2437
No New Posts Hard Water Stains / Window Restoration
We were recently contracted to SoftWash the Gresham City Hall building, as well as perform window restoration on over 350 panes of glass on this 3-story building. Here is a 6 minute video showing how to restore glass (depending on severity of the stain) using OneRestore. Hope it helps you out there! [...
Brandon Vaughn 7 4589
No New Posts Mystery Stains On Brick
A friend of mine cleaned this shopping center in Macon, GA and he wasn't able to get these black stains off. He's tried different strengths of bleach, multiple degreasers and One Restore. Any suggestions? It's about a 2 hour drive from me and I may drive down and try to fix it for him if I can. 
Jason Heath 13 3667
No New Posts New concrete problems
Client had new concrete laid Fall 2014.  No salt was applied thru the winter.  They have some discoloration (mostly brown / rust colored).  Biggest problem is the apparent etching in the concrete.  Something has taken some of the crème off of the concrete.  No one can lay claim to doing it, or what may...
Jeffrey Kirby 3 2206
No New Posts Need advice on cleaning exterior polished stainless steel
Client has a porte cochere with stainless steel overhead.  It is streaked / stained.  Will SH dull/damage polished stainless steel?  Would F9 rust remover be a better starting place? Need some suggestions please.    
Jeffrey Kirby 9 2914
No New Posts Teak Furniture with overspray
My guys got overspray on a piece of unstained, natural teak furniture. The homeowner is beside herself. Can this be fixed? $1700 replacement. Thanks. I'm no wood expert.
Patrick Clark 7 5911
No New Posts Seeking advice on ACM panels (Alucobond)
Hey guys, This is a building I was invited to quote on. The facilities manager is most concerned about the Alucobond type panels. She does not want any cleaning solution penetrating too deep as to cause damage or discolouration of the panels. Anybody here have experience with these panels? It's very...
Paul Low Chew Tung 6 2956
No New Posts Decals on Cargo Vans
Has anyone used the Softwash System to remove decals on cargo vans or would I have to use heated pressure?
Jeremy Harrison 3 2380
No New Posts Garage interior
Had the opportunity to clean another garage interior this weekend at our local Acura Dealership. Used a very light (.5%) SH mixture and TerraWash. for the walland, rafters and ceiling. Took 3 crew members 10 hours of prework (masking), cleaning, and post cleanup. This is the third shop interior I'v...
Ray Burke 5 4711
No New Posts Specific surface question #1
Has anyone pre-cleaned a log home prior to sealing.  I have a customer who would like this done.  It is very small, and I'm sure it can just be SoftWashed like a deck or fence, then neutralized.  My question is, if there are areas where the previous sealer has worn off, and areas where there is sealer stil...
Chad Eneix 2 1983
No New Posts Specific surface question #2
I have a customer who runs boat tours in a resort area.  I have completed several projects for him, and he has another.  His boat docks are located at the foot of a very old dam, no longer operational.  Essentially at the bottom of a cliff.  Above the docks is a footbridge with black steel infrastructure...
Chad Eneix 7 2656
No New Posts Oily emission contamination
Hello, I need some advice, here in the cities there are many buildings with 20 to 40 years without cleaning the walls.  The walls are black with pollution of the vehicles, such as diesel fumes etc. It feels like oily or greasy.What would be the right solution in this case? Thanks.  
Marc Langwieser 6 2796
No New Posts Cold weather cleaning question
Hey all, I have a customer I do a lot of winter work for.  Normally it is just deicing work, but they have 2 large tanks they want cleaned.  I know it would be better to clean in warmer weather, but they probably just didn't think about it until now, because I'm not normally needed for them until it is cold. ...
Chad Eneix 5 2206
No New Posts Slate roof cleaning
Hi Guys, I have a slate roof job coming up and have never cleaned one of these, can you advise on process, strength, special considerations needed! Also I assume rinsing is going to be needed am I correct? How many applications do you think it will take? Your input is greatly appreciated. Happy Easter t...
Gregg Giordano 2 2007
No New Posts Dirty and chalky steel siding
Has anyone had good or bad luck cleaning chalky steel siding?
Jim Prom 10 2895
No New Posts Copper
Copper rain gutters and accents. How do you handle them?
Doug G 7 4911
No New Posts SH being re-activated
Has anyone ever had their mix re-activated by rain? Curious mainly about spraying a driveway with SH and not rinsing. Then the morning dew or light rain re-activating the mix. Dada walks out to get the mail then leaves bleach imprints on his carpet as he walks across the floor?
Doug G 12 2942
No New Posts Grave subject.
I have been asked about grave stones. Anyone ever do these? I understand that bleach can etch the polished areas. Yes? The way I understand the uncultured areas would greatly benefit from our process. Any input would be greatly appreciated.  
Thomas Pendleton 20 4061
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